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After one too-brief night in Alpine, Texas, at the amazing Holland Hotel, I hit the road on the way to Terlingua. My tour of west Texas is starting its fourth day and I’m anxious to explore what I’ve heard is the best part—Big Bend National Park. A short ride on U.S. Route 90 takes me to Marfa, home of the “mysterious” Marfa Lights, but since it’s early in the morning the lights are tucked away into wherever it is they hide during the day and I don’t stop. A left turn on U.S. Route 67 starts the most beautiful day on a motorcycle I’ve spent in my short career as a rider.

The highway is a joy to ride and the scenery is spectacular. Since it’s the middle of the week there isn’t much traffic and I feel like I have the entire world to myself. It’s both calming and exhilarating. This is what riding is supposed to be. Out in the open, no cars, no buildings, no people. Just gorgeous countryside as far as the eye can see. And mountains…in Texas! I’ve lived here most of my life and I had no idea a landscape like this existed in my home state. I stop every few miles to take pictures, making the 120 or so miles to Terlingua take forever, but eventually I come to my first rest break: Shafter.

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