2017 is already off to a good start for the club.  Roger Pivonka has been working with the developer getting the new website up and running.  Tests on Google Calendar linking through the website were run last week went well. It shouldn’t be long before we have a new website to make it easier for all to keep in touch and track what the club has going on this year.  Roger also was able to get the folks at BMW in Deutschland to approve our logo.  Roger will tell you it was a bit of work, but I think he just turned on the Pivonka charm and won them over.  With the approvals on the club logo, Paul Koontz was able to get clearance from Cafe  Press to use the logo on.  It took a bit of correspondence and explaining to Cafe  Press that the approval letter from BMW authorizing the use of the BMW Motorcycle Owners of Cleveland Logo was actually the approval letter from BMW authorizing us to use our logo, but Paul persevered and Cafe  Press is now up and running.  Winter is over and with Spring comes the start of a new riding season.  To prepare for the upcoming warm weather, the March meeting featured a tutorial by Wally Gingerich on the ins and outs of using Garmin Base Camp Software.  Those who attended found it to be very informative and will help them in planning their trips for the coming year.  Please be sure to attend the April meeting which will have a presentation on group riding safety.  With the bikes safely snugged away in the garages some of the members made the best of the Winter months and kept active with the club. February saw Keith Keller, Jerry Riha, my sister Nancy Majewski and myself on the slopes at Holiday Valley in New York for a spectacular day of skiing.  In March several club members and guests put on the bowling shoes and rolled a few games at Mahall’s in Lakewood proving that there are fun things to do when the snow is blowing and there is a lot of salt on the streets.  A special thanks to Nancy Nerandzic for keeping score at the alley.   The next big club event is the Ride to Pennsylvania the weekend of June 10th.  If you are interested please check with Road Captains Kurt Shreffler and Mike Kanczak for information.  Finally, the BMW Motorcycle National Open House is Saturday March 25th.  I’ve been checking websites and it looks like the dealers in the area are rolling out the red carpet.  Please take the time to stop by the dealerships and take a look at the new models, clothing and accessories they are offering.