December 2017

Happy Holidays to all this winter season. Unfortunately for those of us who have to stay in Northeast
Ohio for the winter, the riding season has come to a halt. I know there are some lucky snowbirds in the club
who get to migrate south and enjoy 12 months of riding, but for the rest of us, we will have to be patient and
wait for the snow and salt to wash off the road in a few months. Even though there won’t be much riding in
Cleveland, the club has a lot of activities that I hope to see all the membership enjoy.
The 2018 season starts off with the Winter Holiday Party on January 13th. This year we will be holding
it at a new location of Woodside Event Center at St. Michael’s, 5025 E. Mill Road, Broadview Hts.
Ohio, 44147. A flier with details about the party can be found in this newsletter. The Party Center is located
close to the geographic center of the club making it equally accessible to all. The price went up $2.50 per
person this year, but it includes an open bar. A link for payment is on the club website or you can mail your
payment to Roger. This year we have a great Adventure riding jacket from Cycle Gear valued at $230 that
will be given to a lucky person in attendance. And remember, you must attend to be eligible for the DOER
MOCAL $100 gift certificate that we will be presenting to a lucky winner.
The second event is a membership meet and greet to be held in conjunction with our February meeting
on February 1st. We would like to extend an invitation to our new members to come to this informal
gathering which will be held at the Skidmark Garage at 5402 Hamilton Ave., Cleveland OH 44114. The club
will provide pizza and soft drinks. It will be a great opportunity for new members to become acquainted with
us “old timers” and see what the Skidmark Garage is all about. It is an interesting new concept that combines
motorcycle repairs with the motorcycle community.
I encourage all BMW MOC members to join in the fun and comradery at these events. The food is
good, the conversation entertaining and the friendships you build will be lifelong.


Wow! That summer went by quickly. The Wednesday rides took on a life of its own and grew to where we
were consistently seeing 10 to 15 riders. As I still work for a living I was not able to make any of these but
was able to live vicariously through the many Facebook posts. The folks who were able to make it regularly
experienced a lot of good riding, ate a lot of food and managed to throw in some site seeing too.
Everyone that found the time to attend The Fall Rally at Whispering Hills was treated to great weather, lots
of good food and gemutlich. Thanks to Paul Koontz and all those who took time to help Paul for putting another
outstanding weekend together. Also a special thanks to Kurt Shreffler and Mike Kanczak for leading
the road ride and the GS ride this past weekend. There were some interesting photos circulating of one of
the GS parked in the middle of one of the “roads” they took. It was a good time for sure.
Now into the fall riding season which looks to be full of opportunities for all of us to get out and put some
miles on the Beemers before the snow and salt are on the roads. Check the club website and rider forums
for upcoming rides and make it a point to join in for one or two. You won’t regret it.
With the fall months comes club elections. Current membership is approaching 200 people which means we
now have an addition director positions to fill along with the other club officer positions. Please make the
time to come to the October meeting and join in on the election process and get involved. It is a great way
to give back to the club, and make new friends while doing it.
Ride Safe and I look forward to seeing you all at upcoming events.

MARCH 2017

2017 is already off to a good start for the club.  Roger Pivonka has been working with the developer getting the new website up and running.  Tests on Google Calendar linking through the website were run last week went well. It shouldn’t be long before we have a new website to make it easier for all to keep in touch and track what the club has going on this year.  Roger also was able to get the folks at BMW in Deutschland to approve our logo.  Roger will tell you it was a bit of work, but I think he just turned on the Pivonka charm and won them over.  With the approvals on the club logo, Paul Koontz was able to get clearance from Cafe  Press to use the logo on.  It took a bit of correspondence and explaining to Cafe  Press that the approval letter from BMW authorizing the use of the BMW Motorcycle Owners of Cleveland Logo was actually the approval letter from BMW authorizing us to use our logo, but Paul persevered and Cafe  Press is now up and running.  Winter is over and with Spring comes the start of a new riding season.  To prepare for the upcoming warm weather, the March meeting featured a tutorial by Wally Gingerich on the ins and outs of using Garmin Base Camp Software.  Those who attended found it to be very informative and will help them in planning their trips for the coming year.  Please be sure to attend the April meeting which will have a presentation on group riding safety.  With the bikes safely snugged away in the garages some of the members made the best of the Winter months and kept active with the club. February saw Keith Keller, Jerry Riha, my sister Nancy Majewski and myself on the slopes at Holiday Valley in New York for a spectacular day of skiing.  In March several club members and guests put on the bowling shoes and rolled a few games at Mahall’s in Lakewood proving that there are fun things to do when the snow is blowing and there is a lot of salt on the streets.  A special thanks to Nancy Nerandzic for keeping score at the alley.   The next big club event is the Ride to Pennsylvania the weekend of June 10th.  If you are interested please check with Road Captains Kurt Shreffler and Mike Kanczak for information.  Finally, the BMW Motorcycle National Open House is Saturday March 25th.  I’ve been checking websites and it looks like the dealers in the area are rolling out the red carpet.  Please take the time to stop by the dealerships and take a look at the new models, clothing and accessories they are offering.

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