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Looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday. at Bob Evans, Macedonia
November 1, 2023
Well, the ride last week around the Brush Creek Recreation Area was over the top! It was the best ride of the year for me,
with great weather and peak fall colors, AND a great group of riders. We’ve had a good year.
I’m writing to remind everyone that we are suspending the planned rides and weekly emails until next April, however, we will continue to meet for breakfast at Bob’s in Macedonia every Wednesday. If the weather is decent (I use the word loosely) some of us may take a notion to ride some place for lunch, or whatever, but those are spur of the moment rides and we do not send out routes or emails.
Thanks to all for making this a great riding season for the Wednesday group. I’m looking forward to next year!
Wally and Mike

Every Wednesday we meet for breakfast and possibly to ride from Bob Evans in Macedonia.

Ride at 10 AM [Breakfast before if you want it – inside]

Usually, riders arrive By 9:00 if having breakfast and by 10:00 we are ready to ride.

If it’s lousy weather, we might go home. We decide there.

At least come out for breakfast and to chat with your riding buddies.


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