This activity suspended during COVID19

Ride in small safe groups or by yourself as you see fit – STAY HEALTHY

Each Wednesday we meet for breakfast at Bob Evans in Macedonia.

Breakfast at 9 AM — Ride at 10 AMĀ 

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For the winter months we’ll go back to our later start time –

9 AM breakfast and 10 AM ride. We won’t be planning rides regularly like we do in the summer months, but will ride on days the weather is decent and we are inclined to venture out. I’m guessing we’ll ride most Wednesdays when the roads are clear as we have done in past years.

At least come out for breakfast.






Usually, riders arrive before 9:00 and by 10:00 we are ready to ride.

If it’s lousy weather, we just go home, or maybe not. We decide there.

Phone: 216-285-0757
Cleveland, Ohio