We have Begun Wednesday rides/breakfast, meeting at Bob Evans in Macedonia at 9 AM for breakfast and weather permitting departing on a ride at 10 AM. 
We’ll keep things pretty informal during March and April, riding if we take a notion and not if the weather is bad. Beginning in May we’ll plan the rides and lunch stops, and email the destination and GPS route a day or two before the ride.
If you’d like to be ON or OFF our Wednesday list, get in touch with me at wallyging@gmail.com
Looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday.

Wally AKA Wallace Gingerich

Below is our NORMAL operating procedures (to which we’ll return in April)

STAY HEALTHY, masks and hand sanitizer are recommended

Each Wednesday we meet to ride from Bob Evans in Macedonia.

Ride at 10 AM [Breakfast before if you want it – inside]

click HERE for map

Usually, riders arrive about 9:00 if having breakfast and by 10:00 we are ready to ride.

If it’s lousy weather, we might go home. We decide there.

At least come out for breakfast and to chat with your riding buddies.

Phone: 216-285-0757
Cleveland, Ohio