• ELECTION DAY 2022!  Exercise your constitutional right to VOTE!

    Although official club riding season is over, there may still be some Wednesday rides from Bob Evans in Macedonia, weather and attitudes permitting.  I am very proud to say that the 2022 was one of the SAFEST club seasons in a long time – we had ZERO accidents on organized club r…[Read more]

  • For those members wishing to sign-up for the Scavenger Hunt on Saturday Oct 15, 2022 starting at 09:30am and ending at 3:30 pm at Sill’s Motor Sales, go to http://www.sillsmotor.com and look for the ad, then click on Eventbrite link to register. $5 per person. I will be there to sign-in club members as I have made this an event for the club.

    See ya!

  • Hi all – Had a blast in Waynesville, NC for the 50th annual International BMW RA (RIder’s Association) Rally!  A lot of folks canceled out due to Hurricane Ian’s un-predicatable path, but those who came had a GREAT time. Weather cooperated, with only some drizzles on Saturday, but very chilly for that area this time of the year.  There were 5 f…[Read more]

  • SValois replied to the topic President's Corner in the forum Rides-Rallies-Etc 2 months ago

    )Copied from Membership Coordinator email)Hey All, The NOMINATION WINDOW IS OPEN for next year’s Club Officers.  We hope you have been thinking about Who among us will be goodCandidates to move your Club Forward in 2023.. Click HERE to make your Nominations.  (No Limits)Thanks from Your Board of Directors  PLEASE VOTE OR VOLUNTEER FOR A POS…[Read more]

  • Hi All – thanks to everyone who showed up for the annual club photo at the August meeting!  I know lots of folks are traveling via various types  of conveyances, so if you were out of town having fun, glad you were doing something exciting!  Remember to check the club website, and the Facebook page for upcoming events, rides, rallies, as well as…[Read more]

  • SValois replied to the topic ADV rIde Sunday 7/31 in the forum Rides-Rallies-Etc 4 months ago

    Be safe, and don’t forget to post pics to share your exciting off-road antics!


  • Hi all – I hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable Independence Day weekend!   Although we had a little glitch on the website and the information for last night’s meeting did a disappearing act, Roger Pivonka does send out a reminder email prior to each monthly meeting, including the location.  So make sure to check your email!  Also, continue to…[Read more]

  • <b>First Responder Training – Thanks to everyone who attended the training coordinated by Vice President Paul Mitchell with the Hudson Fire Department.<span class=”Apple-converted-space”> </span></b>

    It was a good overview that we are all vulnerable whilst on the road, and what to do as lay-people if involved in, or encountering, an…[Read more]

  • Eric – I believe you just started the BDR users group by initiating this forum!

    Time Pettet – BDR stands for “Backcountry Discovery Routes”.  One guy who is really, really big into it is Chad Warner. He is a BMW MOA Ambassador, and you can see his posts on the BMW MOA Facebook page.  He is from Columbus, Ohio area, but is very rarely h…[Read more]

  • SValois replied to the topic President's Corner in the forum Rides-Rallies-Etc 6 months ago

    On the Memorial Day weekend 2022 I wish to extend my condolences to any club members who have lost a family member in the course of their military service to the United States of America.  My sincerest appreciation for their dedication to service and country.  This weekend is not about BBQs and partying, it is about remembering those who have f…[Read more]

  • SValois replied to the topic GARMIN NAV VI Issues in the forum Rides-Rallies-Etc 6 months ago

    I received my 4th replacement Garmin NAV VI LM yesterday.  I was assured in writing that this new one will NOT have the “ghost-screen” issue. This is the first replacement I have received where the software/display actually looks different.  Hopefully, this will be my last replacement.  As a side note:  the previous replacements were app…[Read more]

  • One of our new members, John Adamski, is also looking for someone to ride to the rally with. I suggested he contact you on here.  He lives in Columbiana.  See you at the rally!  Sandi

  • Don’t forget!  The BMW DEMO truck will be at the BMW Motorcycles of Cleveland THIS WEEKEND – May 21-22.  My buddy “Grumpy”, Scott Lindell, will be there cooking as well!  Forecast calls for rain, but hey, it’s just water, right?  Hope to see YOU there.  Support your local dealerships, as they support you.  In case you don’t know where it is……[Read more]

  • I have plans in the a.m., but will either meet you for lunch around noon-ish at the restaurant or a bit later at the museum.
    Rain predicted, but under 50%!


  • Someone asked me today on the ROMEO ride about the EMERGENCY CONTACT FORM, you know…the one that everyone should have on their person when riding anytime, and anywhere ….Anyhooter, it’s on the drop-down menu under “RIDING RULES/INFO”, and it is entitled “Emergency Info Form”.

    We will have some printed out and available at the next general…[Read more]

  • Thanks Jerry –  Trade it in to Garmin, or where I bought it?  Does if fit in the standard NAV VI mount?  So many questions.

  • Sooo, I got my 3rd replacement NAV VI LM in September 2021.  Got about 1000 “bike miles” out of it.  Just sent yet another email to support@garmin.com to get my 4th replacement sent to me.  I have consistently requested a NAV V (which actually work!) replacement, but to no avail.  Stay tuned for the continuing saga of “The Ghosts of BMW NAVs Past”….

  • SPRING is finally in the air – AH-CHOO!  Sorry, I missed the membership meeting, but I hear it was well-attended!  Thanks to Paul Mitchell for presiding, and for the presentations by Wally and Duncan. June’s meeting will be outside; so pack a meal!  As stated in the meeting minutes every month – inside establishments to host a group of our si…[Read more]

  • SValois replied to the topic Mayhem in the forum Rides-Rallies-Etc 6 months, 3 weeks ago

    Very good, Eric. Thanks for sharing!

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