• All right, all right, all right! (with a tip of the helmet to Matthew Mcconaughey) The weather is looking good for tomorrow’s dual sport ride. Most of us will meet at the Bob Evans in Burbank / Lodi – located off route 83 just North of I-71. We will leave from there at 9AM. I personally was not planning on breakfast there as that would mean…[Read more]

  • The GPS file for the upcoming Dual Sport Ride has been uploaded. The file name is BMWMOC 2020 Fall DS Ride.gpx     This is a large file as it contains multiple routes with numerous waypoints. Depending upon your particular GPS device, it will likely divide the primary route into multiple segments. You will have to choose the segments you want, al…[Read more]

  • UPDATE: As it appears that folks are hesitant to share close quarters in cabins at the campground during the ongoing pandemic, I have cancelled the cabins and we will go back to making this a one day event. This will also make it easier to deal with at the last minute in the event that we encounter foul weather and have to cancel. The route I have…[Read more]

  • CHANGE IN PLANS! I went with Coop and Pete to pre-ride the route with the schedule and departure time as originally planned – while the route was a lot of fun, we realized that it was a bit long and took us farther afield for the planned time of year. It also suffered from the fact that to get to the good stuff involved a 2+ hour ride both there…[Read more]

  • For our Saturday Ride – West on September 7, 2019, we will depart from Bob Evans Brunswick at 10 AM ( arrive at 9 or earlier for breakfast) and head down to Rusty Baker’s Legends of Music Barn, just south of Millersburg. After a short visit, we will continue our ride to Gambier, OH for lunch at The Village Inn. After Lunch, we will work our way…[Read more]

  • Have just posted some pictures from the Black Sheep 2017 Road Trip to the MOA Rally in Salt Lake – would like to see more pictures from the rides and rallies of other club members. If you do not have a Shutterfly account or are not sure how to load your pictures in the gallery, send them to fotopat@aol.com and I’ll get them posted.

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