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    Why we crash?

    Interesting article Wally.  And politically correct as it did not mention our Gov being in any way responsible?  I presented recommendations of these issues to BMWMOA, BMWRA and AMA.  But nobody likes to go against government.

    My non-statically correct study defines the following as also major contributors:

    • Deer: Out Gov (s…

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  • <span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>All</span> BMWMOC riders:

    Dinner Fri Night at the Woodstock Brew House on 123 E Court St, Woodstock, VA.  At 6:00 — 2 miles from fairgrounds.



  • Arp,

    I’ll meet you at restaurant in Front Royal Wed around Noon.  I am planning on staying in the Waynesboro area also because I don’t have a hotel in Woodstock for Wed night and I figure they will be full?  Strange that more club riders aren’t going?


  • Looking forward to seeing Hal and Mary, and the great Mike riding with Lon.

    Arp, How about meeting in Front Royal at the Knotty Pine restaurant at 801 N. Royal Ave WED..  It’s on the main drag through town at Noon.  I am taking rt 50 across WVA stopping somewhere along it ?  My riding days are becoming shorter.  I am planning on staying the nig…[Read more]

  • Arp,

    Good idea.  I am going to be leaving on Tue also.  I’ll be staying in Woodstock also Thur, Fri and Sat nights.at Comfort Inn( about 2 miles from fairgrounds).  Plan to ride the Skyline Dr on Wed.   Expect to arrive in Front Royal about noon on Wed.  Would be nice if we started a list of club members going to RA.  List is so far Arp and La…[Read more]

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    I have my hotel room booked-Ramada $89 plus tax.


    Larry Cardo

  • Rolling Rally was perfect!  Great route planning and route leader.  I sure miss the Cleveland Club.  This was a great time to get together.  Weather was perfect for the ride.  Club paid for Pizza dinner w/salad and frozen custard dessert.  Arrived home 4 pounds heaver, but happy.  But Sunday ride home was full of a bunch of rain.  Yuk!

    Larry Cardo

  • I have always found the trip out west to be very boring until the Rockies.

    I-90 has Chicago

    I 94 has Chicago + Minneapolis

    I 80 has nothing

    I 70 has trucks, trucks, trucks

    I like to go across Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and take Route 2 across the top of the country.   Stopping off at Teddy Roosevelt NP and a brief jog thru the Canadian R…[Read more]

  • The good BMW dealer Mathias mechanic (Jamie) I understand has left.  Does anyone know the capability of the current mechanic?

    Larry Cardo

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