Using the FORUM is easy.    Everyone is subscribed to the FORUM.

To start a NEW TOPIC, just LOGIN, go to the FORUM, scroll to the bottom of the page and “CREATE a new TOPIC” then SUBMIT it.  Easy Peasy

When a NEW TOPIC is created in the FORUM, all members get an EMAIL notification of the NEW TOPIC.

If you find the NEW TOPIC Interesting, and want to respond to it, just LOGIN, click on FORUM, find the TOPIC and scroll to the bottom of the page and “REPLY” to the TOPIC. Then SUBMIT your REPLY.

OR you can just visit the FORUM and check on various TOPICS since you DO NOT need to LOGIN to READ the FORUM.

You can SEARCH for TOPICS and REPLYs using the SEARCH box (upper right) and enter some key/unique word.

(You must LOGIN to SUBMIT/POST a new TOPIC or make a REPLY, not to search or read.)