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        Up til now our website has been running from servers in Chicago, IL.

        This week I received a notice that our website was MOVED to GOOGLE CLOUD servers in IOWA.

        I’m pretty sure you wont notice the extra travel time from Iowa to your screen but we can rest easy that our website is now more secure and the servers are better protected and more redundant.

        Incidentally I noticed that our web Host, Siteground.com, is headquartered in SOFIA, BULGARIA.

        I had the good luck to stop in Sofia for two days on a moto tour, Intriguing Southeast Europe, and while people watching in a town park I commented to myself that everyone in the park looked like they were from Cleveland, Ohio.

        So, our website is among friends.

        AND Be sure to come to the March 5 meeting to see Paul Mitchells video on His tour of Eastern Europe.

        It’s gonna be great!

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