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      Larry Bloomenkranz

        Just discovered I have a tiny pinhole leak in my rear tire – losing about 1psi per day. The tire is almost new so I’m not thrilled with the idea of buying a new one. Sills and BMW won’t repair it, but does anyone know a shop that will put a patch on the inside? (I certainly don’t want to put a plug in from the outside!) Any suggestions on a shop that could help me out would be appreciated! – Larry

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          I have never been able to find a shop willing to work on a motorcycle tire. Sorry I don’t have any information that can help.

          Where is the leak and what kind of tire is it? I ran across a good article on this a few years ago: https://www.motorcyclistonline.com/tire-repair-plugs-should-you-use-plugs-on-motorcycle-tires. Some tire manufacturers don’t EVEN recommend emergency plugs and that could be the reasons shops won’t repair. And even if the tire manufacturer does allow repairs, they have a whole host of criteria that must be followed about where the repair can be made and how.

          (Sorry this is in all-caps, I can’t seem to make the reply do anything else)

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          Roger A Pivonka

            Don’t believe you will find a reputable shop that will repair it, at best they would plug it.

            Sucks, but for the cost of a new tire/mount i would replace, i would be very nervous everytime i threw a leg over that bike.

            My reply was in all caps as well, but converted when posted – very strange…

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            Larry Bloomenkranz

              Thanks everyone for the suggestions here and by email.  Last week I spoke with my BMW (car) mechanic who also has 6 bikes. He suggested using liquid motorcycle tire balancer and sealer (RideOn.) I ordered it from Amazon (note that you may need more than one bottle based on your tire size – calculator at the RideOn website.) Cost is $28 for two bottles and they arrived last weekend. I filled the rear tire as per the recommendation, and also did the front as I had enough left over. Seems to have done the trick! No perceptible pressure loss over the last few days. Pretty pleased with this solution and not having to replace a tire with <1000 miles on it.


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                Hey Larry, thanks for the followup on the tire sealant and I’m glad it’s working for you. Based on your good experience I rooted around on the internet and at Walmart found a 16oz Michelin product that’s supposed to do that for CAR tires. (also comes in 20oz too).

                So I got one for my rear 180/55 17 tire [with 2#/day leak] (even tho I patched it – not well tho) and put in the sealant Monday and today (after 3 full days) it is holding the appropriate pressure of 42psi.

                I am pleased as punch, and from the photo you can see that the 16oz can was only $9.47, Bigger can is $11.54 for bigger car tires.

                See photo here  https://photos.app.goo.gl/ddpAQyMPcsXg4A2v6

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