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      Duncan Cooper

      Those of us who attended the March kick-off meeting at Loggerheads might remember that during my presentation I proposed a goal for 2022 of “no serious accidents.   We are on the verge of attaining that goal. As we approach the annual Marietta Ride I would like each of us to take a step back and assess our role in this objective. The Marietta event brings together challenging roads, changing weather and a rider-group with varying skill levels; the Holy Trinity of moto-risk.

      I request 4 things from each participant:

      1. “Preflight” your bike before you leave. Tire pressure, oil, brake pads, chain tension, tools, etc. There is precious-little in the way of maintenance support in Marietta.
      2. If the ‘group’ is holding a pace you are uncomfortable with, PLEASE TELL ME. I will be happy to lead a “sub-group” along the same route at a less challenging pace. Most of you know that I, myself, am a ‘slower’ rider so I will be happy to do so.
      3. Don’t be afraid to shorten your ride when weather, road condition, and fatigue lower your own personal margin-of-safety. Don’t allow group dynamics to compromise your safety. If navigation home is an issue, TELL ME.
      4. Please be able to fix a flat, or be REALLY good friends with someone who can/will. If you’re running a tubed tire, be able to break-the-bead and patch your tube.

      If we can accomplish the above it will stack-the-deck in favor of having a safe weekend for all AND simultaneously attain our safety goal.  It’s a win-win proposition.



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