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        Are you the TECH GURU in your family or among your friends?

        Here are two things that can help when you can’t be right THERE when THEY need your help.

        First is a method for taking remote control of THEIR computer from YOURS.

        It MUST be on BOTH devices and THEY must give you PERMISSION to control.

        It’s called TEAMVIEWER and you both can get a PERSONAL version free.

        Go here and read about it https://www.teamviewer.com/en/credentials/free-for-personal-use/


        Second is the WINDOWS 10 capability to record a video of your screen actions WITH audio of you doing a voice over during the video.

        As long as you are running WINDOWS 10 you might be able to make the video.

        Press ‘Windows key’ + G and a control panel pops up. If there is a round RED button in the center of the control you are good to go. If that round button is NOT RED your computer doesn’t have the needed video muscle.

        If the button IS RED then read a bit more about using it here


        If you DO want to record your Voiceover narration with the video be sure to click the settings button and enable Microphone recording before you start making the video.

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          Before retirement, the IT department would handle issues remotely through Teamviwer. They had our laptops locked down so tight I couldn’t even run defrag! Every one in a while I would place an “order” for maintenance and set an appointment time from my home office and I could “see” them doing what they do on my screen.


          It’s a good application.

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