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      Jessica mann

        I’ve always been fascinated by the bits of folklore and history tucked away in corners of our great Midwest. One such piece that’s been on my list is the chance to see the last living apple tree planted by Johnny Appleseed, who was not just a figure of folklore, but a historical figure whose real name was John Chapman.


        The last known living Johhny Appleseed apple tree is located in Savannah, OH on the Harvey-Algeo Ohio Century Farm, which is roughly 65 miles from us. Honestly, I can’t think of a better way to experience a piece of Midwestern folklore hidden away in nearby rural Ohio than riding out as a club to see it.


        I’m picturing this as a day trip. It’s the perfect distance for a round trip that includes plenty of time to plan a great route, hang out, have lunch together in small-town Ohio, and of course, check out this iconic tree. I’m all for making this ride as enjoyable and relaxing as possible, so everyone returns home with some great memories (and probably a few cool photos).


        If this sounds exciting, I could use some help planning it.
        And if this is a success, Mansfield is planning a Johnny Appleseed 250<sup>th</sup> anniversary celebration this fall. We can do it again then.

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          Count me in, Jessica! I’ll be happy to help plan the ride and can do the GPS route if you’d like.

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          Jessica mann

            you’re in!


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              Sounds like fun!

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