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    Do any of you have an after market saddle from Corbin? or Sargent?

    Possibly for an F800 bike? Or any bike actually.

    I would like to know your comments or recommendations because I find the OEM seat uncomfortable in the second hour of riding.



    Hey Roger –


    I’ve had a Corbin on my R80RT for years.  I had one on my R65LS as well.  Stock saddles were too uncomfortable for long rides, back in the day when I did really long rides at the drop of a hat.  I really like the Corbin product, but there is one word of caution.  If you get the material that is pebbled (breathable), it will absorb water if you ride in the rain or leave the bike out in the rain.  You can buy a rain cover.  Kind of unpleasant to ride with your crotch getting wet from the water seeping from the seat into your pants.  Not a problem if you don’t get the breathable material.  Usually you have to send in your old seat so they can build the new seat on the frame, and they’ll return the new as well as the old seat back to you.  All in all, it is a good seat.  I know Russell makes a really good seat as well.



    I’ve had 2 Corbin’s and a Russell on my K75RT.  Found the Corbin to be almost as uncomfortable as stock, just a 100 mile longer to intolerable.  A couple of my riding buddies from the national rallies have sargets and swear by them. My experience with a Sargent is about 20 miles so I can’t judge long distance. I will say it fit me better than the Corbin and felt much more comfortable.


    I went for the Sargent World Seat to fit the old F800ST and the 2003 R1150RS as I did not want to take a chance on sending in the original factory seat pan to be used in building a custom seat. Thought that I would end up with a major problem if the new seat wasn’t comfortable. The Sargent seat featured a narrow fron section that widened to a rounded full seat that was quite comfortable. The narrow front was great for traffic lights and times when I needed to put both feet on the ground like when backing up. The mid-section was good for working the bike through curves and sitting fully back supported both the bottom and sides for longer times in the saddle. An unexpected bonus was the additional storage tube under the seat. Sargent offers a number of different surface textures and materials, colors and distinctive piping so you can customize your seat to be more comfortable and look good at the same time.






    Roger, you can try my Corbin on your F700 any time – next Wednesday if you’d like. It’s definitely more comfortable than the stock, but wider throughout making it a bit more challenging to flat foot the bike.


    Hey Thanks for all ur comments. I have a Day_Long on my K12GT and LOVE it for the coast to coast rides. Can do 1000 mile days without and complaint from my butt.

    And I’m thinkin I’ll never do that many miles in a day on the F700 so I was hoping to NOT spend $650+ on a seat for it. Just want a comfy ride for maybe 3 or 4 hours.

    Seems like Sargent gets better marks than Corbin here.

    AND I stumbled on a NEW seat maker, SEATCONCEPTS.COM that appears to cater to the GS types. For 1/3 to 1/2 the price of Day_Long. Least cost is to get their “kit” and recover your own seat. And they also have some fully made, ‘plug n go’ complete seats. the Adventure bike forums seem to be praising their seats lately.

    Hmmm, I wonder………….


    BMW builds those seats to be sat on like a German. Sit up straight and arch your back. That rotates the pelvis and takes the pressure off the back of the butt.



    Well, I’m getting into this post way late but thought I’d contribute my two cents.  I had a Bill Mayer Saddle (BMS) made for my 2017 GSA in Salt Lake and love it. It was $600 but that was at the Rally.  I figure my backside is worth it, especially on a bike which should last me several years. I’ve had no experience with other manufacturers except for the stock piece of doo doo that came on the bike. Rocky Meyer told me he was curtailing his manufacturing from custom jobs year round to large events and rally’s such as the RA rally in Pa in 2018.  If considering BMS I’d check to make sure he’ll be traveling from California to Pa. next year. Good luck!

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