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      From time to time I will post on here, as some folks are not on Facebook.  I implore everyone to READ the emails sent out by the club.  The emails contain both the month General Membership meeting minutes, including upcoming events, pertinent club information, as well as the Board meeting minutes (Board meetings are held every “odd” month on the 4th Thursday of the month).  Special thanks to everyone who stepped up during the elections to support OUR club, including those of you who took the time to vote!

      Hi All – your road captains had an ad hoc meeting yesterday and are pulling together a 2022 ride agenda. Also, your Board members had our January meeting tonight, so be on the lookout for the meeting minutes in your email, and on the website under Member Info. (For paid club members only). For access to ALL the clbu information, sign up as a member – it’s only $20 for TWO years. The website has been updated with the new officers, and Directors. Next general membership meeting is at Sill’s Motor Sales, 1901 Brookpark Rd, Cleveland, Ohio, Thursday Feb 3.   Owner Pam will have some food, and all I can say is there will be some good door prizes! Come early to nibble, get your 50/50 tickets (these will be the door prize tickets also), socialize, and check out their inventory before the meeting at 7pm. See you there! President Sandi.

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      IF the projected winter storm expected to blast almost all the northern Ohio counties from Wednesday through Friday causes the roads to be treacherous, the meeting at Sill’s will canceled. Pam Dengler and I are in communication and a decision will be made late Wednesday. Stay tuned!

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      ATTENTION: Due to the upgrade to Winter Storm “Landon” starting on Wednesday this week (potential of 14” of snow in some areas, and on top of ice), Pam Dengler of Sill’s Motor Sales has agreed to POSTPONE our monthly general membership meeting to next Thursday February 10. Hopefully, by that time, the roads will all be cleared, as well as the parking lot at the dealership, and everyone will actually be able to attend the meeting. I know there is also a shortage of snow plows in many areas, which only exacerbates the problem. Posting this on Facebook page, and in the President’s Column in the FORUM on website.)  Stay safe, stay warm, and stay home, so we may all ride in the future!  Sandi


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      Since folks had questions about this BMW MOA project, I just spent almost an hour on the phone with “Lisa” from PCI regarding the book. I asked every question I could think of, and the following is a summary of the call.

      BMW MOA hired Publishing Concepts Inc. (PCI) of Dallas, Texas, which has been 100 years in business. First time doing an MOA project. Ted Moyer, MOA Executive Director is the POC. PCI has 100 folks manning the phones due to the 26,000+ MOA membership. It costs you NOTHING to take part. Only payment is if you wish to purchase a package, or the book & digital version by themselves.

      There are 3 separate packages to purchase, either as an individual or as a club. I will forward the email which delineates the packages separately. (I purchased the book and digital version for myself for a total of $202.31 including S&H), which I will be happy to share with the club.

      When you call 1-866-561-0612, it automatically links you to a phone bank tech who is specific to this project.Everyone received an individual ID# on the letters, cards, and emails the MOA sent out. You may or may not be asked for the number (I was not).

      Cut-off for submissions to the ONE-TIME Printing is end of June 2022. Book will be published in February 2023. LOTS of folks have already participated, so get your submissions in earlier than later.

      They will ask you during the RECORDED phone call:

      1. Your contact info per the BMW MOA (info in NOT re-sold) – name, email, date joined MOA
      2. What BMWs you have/have had, limited to THREE
      3. What got you into riding, what kind of riding you do, best riding memory and events
      4. Your verbal permission for the audio of the call, and for your photo use
      5. Asked for payment (credit card only) for pre-sale of book (hardback and digital), or one of the packages. There are NO discounts for military, law enforcement, AAA etc.


      You will receive an email in a few weeks and you can update your info, edit your story, and add photos you want included in the book. You do not HAVE to continue, if you desire not to participate.

      Customer service number at PCI is (800) 982-1590

      I will also bring this up at the March 3 meeting.

      Hope this helps!



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      Hi all – Spring is officially just a few days away, and we are starting to see some warmer weather.  Hopefully, some of you have gotten your beasts out for a ride or two already.  Watch for potholes and crap on the roads!   Our Road Captains have been busy formulating some fun outings; check the calendar frequently for updates/changes. The BMW MOA Summer Riding contest for MOA members kicks off on April 1.  Forms are in the March issue of the Owner’s News Magazine.  Make sure to have the form signed by two BMW MOA members, or ONE of our club officers.  Forms must be postmarked by May 1, 2022.  The Grand Condiwomple is also underway; information can be found on wwwBMWMOA.org.  Shaping up to be a fun riding season!  The next meeting will be at Lagerheads in Medina.  They will be ready to serve us at 5:30pm in the room to the left when you enter the front door.  Make sure to congratulate owner Jon Keine on the purchase of his new GS Adventure!  As always, check the website for information, stay in touch on the Facebook page, and most of all – get out and RIDE!  Sandi

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      SPRING is finally in the air – AH-CHOO!  Sorry, I missed the membership meeting, but I hear it was well-attended!  Thanks to Paul Mitchell for presiding, and for the presentations by Wally and Duncan. June’s meeting will be outside; so pack a meal!  As stated in the meeting minutes every month – inside establishments to host a group of our size, without FEES, are hard to come by.  So, if you know of any, please let one of the officer know!  Also, we are trying to frequent family-owned establishments as they were the hardest hit recently.  Many of them are under-staffed, and doing the best they can to keep afloat.  So, I appreciate your support by showing up at the restaurant meetings, as do the restaurant owners!

      Riding season is in full swing and members are posting all kinds of rallies and rides. And…there are still nuts on the roads not paying attention, so please use utmost caution when riding.  “Ride like you are invisible”.  Best advice my father-in-law gave me, besides a few stock market tips…

      Check the FORUM and calendar regularly as they are both updated frequently.  Don’t forget about the RIder’s Association (RA) – they have some fabulous events coming up also!

      Thanks MUCHO to the Road Captains for stepping forward and doing such a fine job of organizing upcoming rides!



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      Someone asked me today on the ROMEO ride about the EMERGENCY CONTACT FORM, you know…the one that everyone should have on their person when riding anytime, and anywhere ….Anyhooter, it’s on the drop-down menu under “RIDING RULES/INFO”, and it is entitled “Emergency Info Form”. I believe you can print them from there.

      We will have some printed out and available at the next general membership meeting in June.

      ALSO, anyone interested in getting a wrist band with your emergency data on it –  I got mine at roadid.com. They are silicon bands, and two widths, with a clasp or without, and in multiple colors.  Mine has 5 lines of data on it including my nickname, blood type, ICE contact #s, allergies.    I usually have it on when riding, so ask to see it if you are interested!




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      Don’t forget!  The BMW DEMO truck will be at the BMW Motorcycles of Cleveland THIS WEEKEND – May 21-22.  My buddy “Grumpy”, Scott Lindell, will be there cooking as well!  Forecast calls for rain, but hey, it’s just water, right?  Hope to see YOU there.  Support your local dealerships, as they support you.  In case you don’t know where it is….address is 7315 N. Aurora Rd, Aurora, OH 44202.  For those of you traveling to rallies – be safe and keep the rubber side down!  Sandi

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        John Adamski

        Thanks for the reminder, I definitely want to be there to Demo a GSA. I have registered online.

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      On the Memorial Day weekend 2022 I wish to extend my condolences to any club members who have lost a family member in the course of their military service to the United States of America.  My sincerest appreciation for their dedication to service and country.  This weekend is not about BBQs and partying, it is about remembering those who have fought and given the ultimate sacrifice in defense of our country.  Duty, service, honor. Then, now, and forever.  I thank them and their families.

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      <b>First Responder Training – Thanks to everyone who attended the training coordinated by Vice President Paul Mitchell with the Hudson Fire Department.<span class=”Apple-converted-space”> </span></b>

      It was a good overview that we are all vulnerable whilst on the road, and what to do as lay-people if involved in, or encountering, an accident.<span class=”Apple-converted-space”> </span>

      Disclaimer: The presentation by Carl was put on by him as a private citizen, with a lot of knowledge.<span class=”Apple-converted-space”>  </span>He is himself a motorcyclist.<span class=”Apple-converted-space”>  </span>Although he cannot endorse any products, he did have a few recommendation based upon his extensive knowledge.<span class=”Apple-converted-space”>  </span>Of course, please do your own research to purchase any products you may desire to carry on your motorcycle in the form of emergency equipment.<span class=”Apple-converted-space”> </span>

      I did take some notes:

      bleedingcontrol.org – Bleeding is #1 cause of death in accidents

      A- Alert, call 9-1-1

      B- Bleeding, stop

      C- Compression, by direct pressure, takes 5-8 minutes to clot

      – tourniquet – 2-3” above the wound, annotate TIME it was applied. Not all appendages with a tourniquet will require amputation. Do not apply over a joint.

      http://www.MCrider.com – motorcycle safety videos. <span class=”Apple-converted-space”> </span>

      1. Distance – 2 seconds
      2. Ride within your skill set
      3. Ride within the road limits
      4. Ride SOBER!<span class=”Apple-converted-space”>  </span>accidents = 40% impaired, 30% no license
      5. Proper Gear – full-face helmet is best. Most accidents are “face first”.

      Take a First Aid class!




      First Aid kits: know what’s in it, and how to use items, replace items yearly

      https://mymedic.com/products/moto-medic-motorcycle-first-aid-kit $104.97, and you get a free online first aid course.<span class=”Apple-converted-space”> </span>

      Personal Locator Beacon (PLB):

      SOS signals are monitored by the NOAA, and referred to local agencies

      SPOT device, Gen 3

      Garmin – In Reach

      Life 360 App

      In case of accident:

      Remain Calm

      Get yourself and bike to safe area (if you are not involved in the accident)

      Put on flashers

      Call 9-1-1

      Turn of motorcycle in accident

      Direct traffic

      DO NOT remove anything off victim unless it is obstructing performance of CPR

      If no ambulance can access location, get injured to a designated Landing Zone (LZ).<span class=”Apple-converted-space”> </span>

      From my experience and training, we were told to remember the 4 main items:

      1. Breathing – ensure they are, or start CPR
      2. Bleeding – stop first
      3. Wound – compression or pack it
      4. Shock – if available, blanket on victim
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      For those who don’t have a Facebook presence, this was one of the videos that was to be used at the First Responder Class. However due to lack of time the You Tube address was offered.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yiXhoFGFxyo&ab_channel=FortNine

      Paul Mitchell


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      Hi all – I hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable Independence Day weekend!   Although we had a little glitch on the website and the information for last night’s meeting did a disappearing act, Roger Pivonka does send out a reminder email prior to each monthly meeting, including the location.  So make sure to check your email!  Also, continue to check out website for updates, rides, rally info, and events!

      CONGRATULATIONS to Karl Hoffman who was presented with his FOUNDERS certificate.  Karl is one of the original founders of the BMWMOC from 1992 (30 years!), and a continuous member.  As such, his club dues are hereafter waived!  A well-deserved honor.

      Just a reminder to stay alert when riding – we have had a few club members who have had accidents already this year.  Refresher safety material can be found under the “About+Extras” tab on the website.  I encourage everyone to take a CPR class, which can be located online.

      Board meeting is on July 28, so if anyone has anything they want to bring up, please send me an email  at sandi.valois@gmail.com.

      Happy Summer, and keep the shiny side UP!


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      Hi All – thanks to everyone who showed up for the annual club photo at the August meeting!  I know lots of folks are traveling via various types  of conveyances, so if you were out of town having fun, glad you were doing something exciting!  Remember to check the club website, and the Facebook page for upcoming events, rides, rallies, as well as any changes.  Remember that the Forum posts go to ALL members, so make sure it is pertinent to the whole club.  If it’s just a meme, please post on the Facebook Page.

      Believe it or not, it is time to start thinking about our annual Winterfest Party held in January.  If anyone has a hobby, and you make items you would be willing to donate as door prizes, please send me an email at sandi.valois@gmail.com.  I’m trying to add a bit of variety to the mix.

      Thanks in advance for being great members, and keeping the club great!  Ride on!


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      )Copied from Membership Coordinator email)Hey All, The NOMINATION WINDOW IS OPEN for next year’s Club Officers.  We hope you have been thinking about Who among us will be goodCandidates to move your Club Forward in 2023.. Click HERE to make your Nominations.  (No Limits)Thanks from Your Board of Directors  PLEASE VOTE OR VOLUNTEER FOR A POSITION OR AN EVENT, ANYTHING TO HELP THE CLUB.  LAST I HEARD NO-ONE HAD DIED FROM ANY OF THOSE 🙂

      Anyone heading down to the BMW RA rally in Waynesville, NC weekend of Sept 29-Oct 2 I will be caging it down there and will have one of our club banners for a photo op.  I will try to round some members up (kinda like herding cats) while down there.

      As always, enjoy this gorgeous riding weather, and everyone be safe at home or in your travels!


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      Bill Vair

      I’ll be there, looking forward to meeting up travel safe

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      Hi all – Had a blast in Waynesville, NC for the 50th annual International BMW RA (RIder’s Association) Rally!  A lot of folks canceled out due to Hurricane Ian’s un-predicatable path, but those who came had a GREAT time. Weather cooperated, with only some drizzles on Saturday, but very chilly for that area this time of the year.  There were 5 folks from our club there, and one guest, which was a pretty good showing, since there were only about 250+/- folks there.  Don Walker won the male volunteer prize, and I won the female volunteer prize (I was actually 2nd, but #1 had already departed).  Check out our FB page for some photos. Unfortunately, one of the attendees from Florida was notified that his house was GONE, swept away, so he had to leave the rally early.  For those of you who might be interested in join the RA, go to http://www.BMWRA.org.   They have a lot of great camp-outs and rallies.  Membership is separate from the MOA and from our club.


      Keep this shiny side up, and enjoy this gorgeous Fall riding weather!



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      ELECTION DAY 2022!  Exercise your constitutional right to VOTE!

      Although official club riding season is over, there may still be some Wednesday rides from Bob Evans in Macedonia, weather and attitudes permitting.  I am very proud to say that the 2022 was one of the SAFEST club seasons in a long time – we had ZERO accidents on organized club rides, although some members had some solo incidents.  Keep up the good work riders and Road Captains!

      As mentioned in the meeting minutes for November, we are having to scramble to relocate our January Winter Party.  We will be limited to 50 folks in attendance; as soon as the Board finalizes some items at the November Board meeting, members will be notified.

      Again – just a reminder that ANYONE can organize ANY sort of event for the club.  The cold weather will be upon us before we know it, so if you want to create an event, you may do so in the FORUM, or at a meeting.  Your Board appreciates the help!

      ELECTIONS – please vote for officers when you receive the emailed ballot.  A lot of work goes into the BMWMOC elections every year, but so far no one has died…

      Here’s wishing all our VETERANS a Happy Veteran’s Day on Friday November 11, and also wishing you all a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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      Well, this holiday season certainly came in with a bang. I hope everyone still has power! Best wishes for a safe, fun, and healthy time of joy and celebration for everyone! Merry Christmas! 🎄

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      HAPPY NEW YEAR to all our members and families! Just a little information I was asked to present to the club…

      Tom Wronkovick, General Manager of all four Johnny K’s Powersports locations, contacted me today with a request.

      He is in search of a BMW “Brand Specialist” to work at the Lodi location.
      It would be a 30-40 hour a week (ie- full time) paid position.  Must be familiar with BMW brand bikes and gear.
      Contact Tom Wronkovick at cell phone (330) 207-5760.
      He lives in Youngstown area, but is usually at the Elyria Johnny K location, and can be reached there at (440) 412-3150.

      Anyone interested in the job, contact Tom ASAP, as he would like to fill the position before the end of February 2023.

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      The WINTERFEST 2023 to celebrate a safe and fun 2022 riding season is IN THE BAG!   Thanks to all who showed up (48 of you), and a special thanks to all those who assisted in organizing the Party:  Roger Pivonka, Paul Mitchell, Mark Rense, Don Poremski, Duncan Cooper, Don Walker, Dottie Buckon, and especially Eric Aguiar from Helmet House who donated the Grand Prize package! Also everyone who assisted in our scramble to find a location!  Keep looking – we will be at a different location for 2024 most likely.  Burntwood Tavern/Solon had limited staff, but they did a great job – especially our two waitresses, Allie and Tanya. And the food was amazing. Hope to see you at WINTERFEST 2024!

      MOCAL WINNERS for 2022:

      1. Peter Menczer, 1325 points (Broke the old record;<span class=”Apple-converted-space”>  </span>small trophy for Peter to keep was obtained). Peter was not present; trophies will be presented at a later date.

      2. Richard Frantz, 329 points

      3. Wally Gingerich, 270 points

      4. Mike Sikora, 221 points

      5. Duncan Cooper, 199 points

      6. Paul Mitchell, 181 points

      7. Bill Penney, 172 points

      8. Mark Rense, 171 points

      9. Sandi Valois, 152 points

      10.Roger Pivonka, 129 points

      The GRAND PRIZE of a Tourmaster All-season jacket, and complete base-layer set (balaclava, glove liners, top, and bottoms) was won by Cathy Skowronsky.  Mystery Prize Box was won by Jim Sedivy (contents – US decal, black backpack, book -“There is no TP on the Road Less Traveled”, 3-pack of motorcycle inked cards by Amy Jean Nichols, black Shoeii bandana, Look Out For Motorcycles car magnet, City Bonfires mini bonfire). My President’s Awards were given to the following individuals who went above and beyond in 2023: Roger Pivonka – book, “Andiamo Full Circle: A Round-the-World Motorcycle Adventure” by my friend and pilot, Bob Dolven; Duncan Cooper – BMWMOC notebook and pen set; Paul Mitchell – BMW MOC notebook and pen set, Ed Desimone – BMWMOC shop towel.

      For all upcoming events and rides, please READ the minutes we send out.  And please consider volunteering to help out your volunteer Officer and Director board members!

      Cheers and here’s hoping for another accident-free club riding season for 2023!


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      <b>BMW BOARD MEMBERS – 2023 EMAIL and PHONE # LIST:</b>

      <b>President</b> – Sandi Valois, sandi.valois@gmail.com, (440) 320-6096

      <b>Vice President</b> – Paul Mitchell, mitchellrrc@gmail.com, (216) 577-4570

      <b>Membership/Treasurer/Webmaster</b><b> </b>- Roger Pivonka, rjpivonka@gmail.com, (440) 543-8704

      <b>Secretary</b><b> </b>- Mark Belli, mxb102@gmail.com, (330) 554-6595

      <b>Directors (listed alphabetically):</b>

      Dottie Buckon, dottie_buckon@sbcglobal.net, (216) 513-5933

      Leo Buckon, buckonlj@gmail.com, (216) 401-9268

      Roger Chaplin, roger.chaplin@gmail.com, (330) 361-9090

      Duncan Cooper, Dcooper536@gmail.com, (440) 915-6269

      Richard Frantz, rhfrantz@gmail.com, (330) 321-4898

      Wally Gingerich, wallyging@gmail.com (BaseCamp Guru), (216) 536-2045

      Bill Moore, williamjmoore33@gmail.com, (440) 591-0989

      Michael Nahas, mwnahas@sbcglobal.net, (440) 476-5844

      Dennis Owens, cathlabdude@yahoo.com, (440) 732-1557

      Don Poremski/MOCAL, strutguy@yahoo.com, (330) 645-1680

      Mark Rense, beemerkneedragger@gmail.com, (216) 338-1166

      <b>PHOTO GUY/BMWMOC -<span class=”Apple-converted-space”>  </span>(un-filled)</b>

      <b>Road Captains</b>: (Ride Leader positions are open to all)

      <span class=”Apple-converted-space”> </span>

      Duncan Cooper, Dcooper536@gmail.com, (440) 915-6269

      Wally Gingerich, wallyging@gmail.com, (216) 536-2045

      Mike Sikora, michaeldsikora@gmail.com, (330) 760-6352

      Bill Penney, penneywj@gmail.com, (330) 931-0352

      (as of February 5, 2023)

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