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      Roger A Pivonka

        I got my new Russell Day-Long saddle for the F700GS. It’s wearing the summer time fabric called SunBrella in a light gray color so it wont get too hot for my bum. AND, because it’s a Day-Long I’ll be comfy all day long when riding on it. Dont you wish YOU had one?

        AND, it came to me in a Really big cardboard box 30 x 20 x 12 , so if YOU need a big box you can have this instead of buying one for $10 or $12.


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          KOOL! But . . .  I don’t want to hear anything more aboiut your BUM!  🙁

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            Hate to break it to you. But, that Russell will take some use to break in before it gets comfy.

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              Beautiful.  Roger, I’ll take that big box.  Selling the crash bars that came on my airhead – don’t like them – will likely be shipping them to a buyer, assuming I can find one. Week after next breakfast?

              Thanks,  Steve

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                The saddle looks beautiful, and should be a welcome addition to your bee-hind. I have one on my LT, and am very pleased with its performance and comfort. In fact,  I had the passenger pillion re-stitched at my local upholstery shop to match the design lines of the Russell, just so it all looks like a complete set.



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