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      Roger A Pivonka

        Our LONG-time member Karl Hoffman needs a mechanic who can work on his 2002 BMW K12RS.

        Please call him at 216-407-0901 with any info you have (he doesn’t use email or FB)

        Dealers no longer work on bikes built b4 2007 or thereabouts and it’s become a real problem

        for some members.  Give a Brother a helping hand if you can.

        FYI, Karl lives on the near west side of CLE.

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          I’ve had very good luck with Rustic Cycles. You can contact them at:

          Jason Kovach

          12450 Eaton Commerce Parkway

          Unit 8

          Columbia Station, OH  44028


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          Roger A Pivonka

            VERY interesting Followup on this.

            Karl (with a “K” ) was needing a new or repaired ABS unit for his 2002 K12RS, and could NOT find any good help ANYwhere he looked (and he and others looked really hard).

            In ONE last ditch effort, someone said “call Max BMW”. And he did, and ran in to someone THERE who knew the UNKNOWable.

            BMW actually sold that bike in Europe in a NON-ABS version and BMW has a NON ABS retrofit kit for that bike.

            That kit should now be on its way to Gene at Mathias and will soon (he hopes) have Karl’s bike ON the road again.


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              I am amazed! In all the years I followed the issues with servo ABS brakes on the forums, including how to remove the ABS/servo pump (a complicated job to do correctly), I never once saw mention of a non-ABS retrofit kit for the brick K12s. I just talked to Gene and he told me the “kit” consists of 2 brake lines that by-pass the ABS system. He’s not positive it will work, and I am a little dubious myself, but it will be great if it does.

              I eager to hear how it works!

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