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        Why we crash?

        Interesting article Wally.  And politically correct as it did not mention our Gov being in any way responsible?  I presented recommendations for these issues to BMWMOA, BMWRA and AMA.  But nobody likes to go against government.

        My non-statistically correct study defines the following as also major contributors:

        • Deer: Out Gov (state) maintains a LARGE deer population for the revenue they get from hunting licenses—at a severe cost to motorists, especially motorcyclists.
        • Truck tire carcasses: The major cause of all the “alligators” on the road is underinflation. For the cost of two truck tires, a tire pressure warning system could be mandated on all trucks.
        • Tar snakes: Poor application (not to spec) causes extremely slippery road conditions.
        • White lines: White lines using paint mandated by the Gov is significantly more slippery than the surrounding payment.  Where are the most white lines?  At intersections where MC’s are leaned over.  Duh!
        • Police: Where do police typically pull over vehicles?  On the side of roads—a most dangerous location.  Why?  To maximize the revenue.


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          <div>Larry, you’re right about the road hazards you mention, but what makes me most squeamish is those “guard rails” made of two cables and metal stakes with the stakes protruding above the upper cable. They would surely rip one’s guts out if you had the misfortune of running into one.</div>

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            Wally, I’ll second the cables. Think egg slicer…if anyone wants to see what they’ll do to a motorcycle just ask, and I can send pics. You and your guts wouldn’t fare nearly as well.



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