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        The Marietta Weekend Ride is back! Covid knocked us out last year, but I think we can make it happen this year. I’ll be leading a group down on Friday, or you can do your own ride down if you prefer. On Saturday I’ll lead an on-road ride on West Virginia roads and Ed Desimone will lead an off-road ride. Everyone does their own ride back on Sunday.

        The ride this year will be entirely on state and federal highways – no small county or township roads – but we’ll be doing some well-known legendary roads. Friday we’ll slab it down to Uhrichsville where we’ll take Ohio Routes 800, 331 and 149 to Morristown on I-70 for lunch at Schlepp’s Restaurant. From there we’ll take OH Route 26 all the way down to Marietta, with a brief loop over to Hannibal on the Ohio River following Routes 536 and 255. These two roads offer fantastic curves and hills, with a dramatic drop down to the river and back up again to OH route 26. And, of course, Route 26 offers unending sweepers and curves, much of it through Wayne National Forest, all the way down to Marietta.

        Saturday we’ll ride West Virginia’s famous Route 16, beginning St. Marys on the Ohio River. Then we’ll follow the winding, scenic route 100 miles south to Clay Junction just south of I-79 for lunch at Biscuit World – local establishments are few and far between in this part of WV.  After lunch we’ll ride Routes 36 and 14 back north to Marietta. If folks are interested I’ll make reservations for dinner Saturday evening.

        Overnight accommodations will be provided by the Microtel Inn and Suites, 506 Pike St, Marietta, OH 45750. They have a free continental breakfast, and are within easy walking distance of Bob Evans, McDonald’s and several other restaurants. They are holding a block of 10 double rooms for us until September 15, at $85 each under the name BMW Motorcycle Owners of Cleveland, or you can reserve your own on-line. The Microtel Inn’s phone number is: (740) 373-7373. The ride will depart from Bob Evans Restaurant, 266 Highland Rd, Macedonia promptly at 10 AM on Friday, October 15.  Come early for breakfast and make sure you have a full tank of gas. We’ll have rest stops every 1-1.5 hours along the way.

        I have yet to pre-ride this route this year, so there may be minor changes which I’ll post, and I’ll have GPS routes and tracks available here once I pre-ride the route.

        As always, non-members and folks who ride other marqes are welcome to join us.

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        Roger Chaplin

          I just made my reservation at the Microtel. I first called the phone number Wally gave and got a quoted rate that included an outrageous fee, so the total was over $200 for the two nights. I backed out of that and made the reservation directly at the Wyndham Hotels website and ended up saving about $30.

          I booked a double queen room. Anybody interested in doubling up and saving a little money? NOT AVAILable

          That offer has been Accepted, so it’s OFF the Table. Thanks

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            Sorry about the phone number, Roger. The correct number is: (740) 373-7373.

            The hold on rooms has expired, but I don’t think there will be a problem getting a room. Elaine and I stayed at the Microtel earlier this week and it is well-managed and maintained. Breakfast included waffles, fresh fruit, etc., etc. Bob Evans is next door if you want something different.

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              Elaine and I pre-drove the routes for Friday and Saturday – all roads are in remarkably good shape and there are no closures or detours. The ride Friday down to Marietta is a winner! You all know 800 and 26 are good roads, but the 536/255 loop down to the Ohio river is really amazing. Both follow ridgetops and have great elevation changes down to the river and back up on top. We’ll make a brief stop at Zion Church on top of the hill to take in the view, and then as we approach the Ohio River we’ll be treated to dramatic vistas of the Ohio River Valley. Lots of twisties and hills on 536, but wait…    Rte 255, which will take us back up on top and west to Rte 26, is perhaps the best stretch of road in Ohio currently. The first 5 miles or so are absolutely fresh asphalt, the road is narrow with no shoulder in places, little or no set back, and few guard rails. But the twisties are simply amazing. And then when you consider the hills, many with sight lines of only a few feet ahead…   well, you get the idea.

              Saturday’s route is also a winner. WV Rte 16 is famous for its curves. We’ll be riding the northern third of the road and you’ll find that it lives up to it’s reputation. Our morning rest stop will be at Barker’s at Smithville junction. Their line of goods (gas, groceries, clothing, hardware, deli, restaurant, B&B) tells you that they are the only store for miles around, and probably a familiar gathering spot for local folks. After Smithville the road really gets curvy all the way down to Clay where we’ll have lunch at Tudor’s Biscuit World, a hallmark of WV cuisine. The roads back are a little less curvy, which is good, because you’ll be tired of twisties by this point and ready to just ride.

              Sunday everyone rides their own ride home. If you have the time, and want to ride still more twisties, I suggest taking 676 west from Marietta to 555 north to Zanesville. Rte 676 is another well-kept secret.

              Here are the GPS routes and tracks:

              Bobs Macedonia to Marietta ROUTE

              Bobs Macedonia to Marietta TRACK

              Marietta to WV 26 ROUTE

              Marietta to WV 26 TRACK


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                I found this rider’s report on the roads we’ll be taking to Marietta posted on NineTOwners.com by Tim C and thought you might be interested. Tim is from Ravenna – maybe some of you know him?

                “I took 2-lane highways south ……  to hit my favorite road in the region, Ohio Route 536. OH 536 is only about 12 miles in length, but it is amazing. You really have to watch out for gravel and dirt, and there are a few places where the road changes direction slightly at the top of a short hill, so it’s a very challenging road but very rewarding. There is also one very tight decreasing radius curve. Treacherous really, but I know exactly where it is so I’m prepared for it. I usually go up and back on 536, which I did yesterday, too. In my opinion it’s a little easier road going west-to-east than east-to-west, or maybe for the return trip back to Route 7 I’m just better warmed up and feeling more comfortable going quick.

                “Once back to OH 7 I headed south to take OH 255 back to 800, then 800N back to Woodsfield for a break. 255 is another great road, but the road surface can be more challenging than most other twisty roads in that region. It’s a bit longer, too, at 17 miles, so it requires a lot of concentration for a longer period of time.

                “I …….. headed south out of Woodsfield on Route 800, and took OH 26 all the way to Marietta. 26 is another terrific road, less technical than some others but very entertaining. And it’s pretty long, about 43 miles from 800 to Marietta. Even at a spirited pace it’s about an hour’s ride. There are a few covered bridges along Route 26, so it’s kind of popular with tourists, too.

                If there is interest we can add a little side trip taking Long Ridge Road and Short Ridge Road to Kiedaisch Point Park for some spectacular views of the great Ohio River below.

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                  Our Marietta Weekend Ride is coming up soon – less than 2 weeks away. If you haven’t reserved your room yet I suggest you do so soon. The Microtel is booked up Friday night, but it looks like the Hampton Inn next door has availability for both the 15th and 16th.

                  Please let me know if you are planning to do the ride so I can plan accordingly and so you can find a roommate if you want. This is the list I have so far, as best I can remember. If you’re not on the list please text or email (wallyging@gmail.com) me. I’ll be updating the list as I hear from people so you can check back for the most current list.

                  Wally Gingerich
                  Roger Chapin
                  Eric Small
                  Mike Sikora
                  Duncan Cooper
                  Rich Frantz
                  Paul Mitchell
                  Kurt Shreffler
                  Steve Clarke
                  Sandi Valois
                  Mike Kanczak
                  Brett Rue
                  Larry Bloomenkranz
                  Mark Belli
                  Bill Penney

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                    Ride the TOT on Saturday with Ed Desimone! Yes, Ed has volunteered to lead an adventure ride Saturday for those who like to get off the beaten path. The TOT (Trans Ohio Trail) goes through Marietta and Ed will be leading a ride going west to Nelsonville and north to Zanesville, however far the group makes it.  Along the way the route ventures into the Wayne National forest three times and should be an interesting ride. I don’t think this section of the TOT is too technical, but a GS or similar bike is recommended.

                    Please let Ed know if you plan to do the adventure ride Saturday so he knows how to plan.

                    Here are GPS route and track files:

                    Route:  TOT Marietta to Zanesville
                    Track:   TOT Marietta to Zanesville TRACK

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                      Hi all – I will be in Marietta, Ohio for Friday and Saturday. I will be coming up from North Carolina after riding around down in KY and NC for a few days.  Staying at the Quality Inn 700 Pike Street.  Keep me posted on group activities for that weekend, please!


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                        MARIETTA RIDE UPDATES:

                        The ride will leave Bob Evans in Macedonia tomorrow, October 15, at 10 AM. Come early for breakfast.

                        Actual riding time for Friday and Saturday is approximately 4.5 hours.

                        Maps and GPS routes are available for download on the forum.

                        The current list of participants is posted on the forum. If your name doesn’t appear I’d appreciate it if you’d let me know.

                        Ed Desimone will not be leading an adventure ride Saturday for lack of interest.

                        I’ll make reservations for a group dinner on Saturday night – Spagna’s, unless someone has another idea.

                        Forecast for tomorrow is warm and sunny, with scattered showers possible later in the day. Saturday will be cool (lower 60s) with scattered showers in the morning. Sunday will be sunny.

                        I’m looking forward to another great weekend with my friends! The colors haven’t peaked yet but it will be a nice fall weekend, good for a ride on some amazing roads.


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                          A GOOD TIME WAS HAD BY ALL!

                          Thanks to the 14 club members who joined me (see post above) we had a marvelous weekend in Marietta. The weather was perfect Friday, a little rainy and cool on Saturday, and the same on Sunday, but the riding was great. In my group Ohio 255 seemed to be the consensus winner, with West Virginia 36 a close second. Dinner at the “Mexican place across the road” Saturday night was a winner. The best part for me was the camaraderie shared by members of the group. It’s great to be a member of this club!

                          Next year we’ll plan for the first weekend in October, hoping for perfect blue skies and fall sunshine before the cool rains come.

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                          Larry Bloomenkranz

                            Wally – thanks for organizing a terrific weekend. Thoroughly enjoyed it (although I did get a flat while riding home Sunday…..) Appreciate all you do to get us together for good times like this!



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                              Wally, Great routes, great food including the Biscuit Stop, and great fellowship. Thanks again for researching and organizing not only this ride but all of the past season’s destinations! Well done!!

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                                Sorry I missed the ride on Saturday. Dinner was fun at least!

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