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    RE: My 2008 K1200GT [slant engine] needs new shocks front and rear.  Anybody have suggestions or actual usage recommendations.

    I know I can buy new BMW OEM shocks. ESA or standard but $$$$

    I know I can get my ESA shocks rebuilt at EPM Performance Imports in NJ

    I know I can get standard non ESA replacements from Ted Porters Beemershop

    I know that Ohlins does NOT make for my bike

    What do I NOT know yet?  Anyone?



    <div>Try this shop</div>
    <div>http://www.beemershop.com/Ted_<wbr />Porters_BeemerShop_Motorcycle_<wbr />Suspension_Specialists_All_<wbr />Brands_Sales_Service_<wbr />Installation.html</div>
    <div>Oops, see that you have the info for Ted’s</div>

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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