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        I had two of them. Sold them both, last one to a guy in Australia. Now I want another “Ft Worth rack” for MY old LT. Yeah, they’re impossible to find now, even on the very secondary market, so I won’t embarrass myself by asking if any of our members has one with which they’re willing to part. However, as a second best alternative, if anyone has one mounted on their LT, and is willing to do the following for me, I’d be eternally grateful: I’m figuring on constructing my own—maybe out of composite, or laminated hardwood, or even aluminum (if I can persuade my ex-GFs brother to set up his CNC machine for it—but that’s a whole other story best told over a few cocktails). For this to work, however, I’d need one of our members to temporarily remove the rack from their ride and…..using a thin, sharp pen or marker, trace me out a full-size template (or two or three) of the rack, including all slots and holes, either on heavy paper or poster board. I would reimburse you for the supplies, and would come to you to pick it up, or see you at a monthly meeting.

        Any Help from the Collective?

        Brad Burland

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          Something like this?

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          John Mcfarland

            When I was researching the possibility of purchasing an LT I came across the option of “Factory Fairing Products #FF8076” It is for an Ultra Glide top case. There is a Youtube video and seems to be a great option that works very well.

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