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    Hi all – I didn’t want to post anything until I went all the way through the process with GARMIN. My NAV VI had been experiencing hiccups for quite a while.  I chalked it up to the .gpx files I was getting.  However, on a whim I contacted GARMIN, and they instructed me to return my NAV VI to them for an even exchange for a brand new NAV VI.  I received my new NAV VI yesterday, no questions asked.  Apparently, there was a batch of NAV VIs with issues which GARMIN is aware of and replacing. SO, if you have a NAV VI that is freezing up, screen jumping, dropping files, etc.  Contact Garmin at (913) 397-8200.  I know that Joe at Sill’s had a few on his desk that he was looking at, but had not sent back to Garmin the last time I spoke to him.  FYI – I purchased my NAV VI in 2018.

    Roger A Pivonka
    While I (and many others) complain about Garmin’s software (BC) and business practices, I must say that their customer service is top notch. I have NEVER contacted tech support where they didn’t fix whatever problem I had. Most impressively, when you call them you get to speak with a REAL human; a rarity these days. Thus I suck it up and pay the premium that Garmin usership requires, confident that if I have a problem, they will work me thru it.
    Coop  [Duncan Cooper]

    I was nothing but impressed with the Customer Service I received. I mailed my NAV VI back to Garmin, they notified me when they received it, and updated me on when my replacement unit was sent.  New unit is now all updated, although I have yet to actually use it.



    Sandi, thanks for your post. I had similar issues and additional ones such as not being able to find an address to a location less than five miles away (the Moth Man Museum in WV) and being unable to access GPX files from the additional SD card. I’m the 2nd owner on a then “nearly new” NAV VI and I checked with Garmin to determine if Warranty was transferable. It was! They had my personal info & serial number (based on my phone #) from the re-registration of the unit.

    I received the authorizing RMA within minutes of my conversation with “Levi” who explained that there was a known problem, the”Ghost Issue Touch”,  which may have been caused by some dust or almost microscopic debris on the touch screen panel during manufacture from their Taiwan facility as well as other software coding. He also suggested that I remove the battery from the unit before returning to keep as a spare!  I’m sure battery replacement costs follow the BMW credo of Bring More Wampum!   🙂


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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