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      Duncan Cooper

        The maintenance manual for my 07 GS says to put 185ml of hypoid oil in the final drive unit during an oil change. 185ml ? Really ?   In ANY other shafty bike I’ve owned (4) oil was put in until it ran out the threaded fill-plug hole. Wipe off the overflow,  screw the plug in…and badda-boom you’re done.  Is this 185-thing just the over-engineering of the tech manual ? Does everyone fill-till-it-runs-out like in every other final drive unit ?

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        Duncan Cooper

          My thanks to Mike Sikora for answering this question. Apparently it’s NOT OK to fill it ’till it runs out of the hole. Apparently it precipitates early failure to do so. I’m glad I asked !

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          Roger A Pivonka

            Hey Duncan, Mikey advises you correctly. I have an 08 K12GT with that Final drive and the original spec was for 200ml, and folks were blowing out the seals.  then they revised the spec to 185ml.

            My K12GT FD blew out and BMW would NOT help me $$$ at all. Of course my bike WAS 4k miles and 6 months past warranty but  WhatThe Heck.  So I spent $3K to put in a NEW FD vs rebuild.

            You’ve heard it B4, RTFM and that applies here

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