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        Hello Everyone,

        I wanted to ask what everyone was using to clean the chrome on their bikes, specifically the exhaust. I was at the meeting a few months ago at the place in the Valley and I remember chatting with a few people and overheard someone talking about a great exhaust system cleaner/polish especially for the pipes coming right off the heads.I want to say it was Paul Koontz but I could be wrong. If anyone from the meeting remembers that conversation I would greatly appreciate the feedback as well as everyone else’s suggestions. Looking forward to the Tune up clinic on Saturday. 🙂 Cheers, Michael

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          I wasn’t able to attend the last meeting, but I’ve successfully used Simichrome Metal Polish. Available from AMAZON at ~$12  a tube
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          Roger A Pivonka

            I don’t think it was me that had the conversation but I also use Simichrome Metal Polish. See you on Saturday.


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