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    Roger A Pivonka

    How many of you would use Instagram to send pix to our BMWMOC Website if it was available?

    Or do you just like to post your pix to our Facebook site?

    Any Instagram USERS out there?



    Steve Jones

    I use Instagram, but not as often as FB.  You can have them crosspost to each other.  I have IG going to FB, but not the other way.

    I do not see any downside to what you are looking to do.

    Edit to add – I belong to a forum that used to be strictly web-based.  About two years ago an Admin started a FB page that resembles the web forum.  Now I would estimate that over 80% of the posts are done in FB & not on the website.  This has caused a riff with people who will not use FB.  They feel as if they are left out of the group since people will typically only post on FB & not the forum.  It is an interesting trend of social media vs website.


    As Bill Belichick said: “I’m not on Snapface.”

    Not a social media user…


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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