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      Roger A Pivonka

        BMW MOC Annual Election of Officers

        According to our club Bylaws: ARTICLE NUMBER FIVE

        All elective offices shall be filled at an annual election to be held prior to the January membership meeting. Officers shall serve for one year or until their successors are elected. Their term shall run from Feb 1st thru January 31st of the following year.

        The CURRENT Officers and Directors are enumerated on the Home Page of our Website http://www.bmwmoc.org

        NOMINATIONS for the 2021 membership year will be taken starting today till the November 5, 2020 meeting. Nominations may be made in person AT the meetings or by email to

        Dennis Owens at cathlabdude@yahoo.com

        PLEASE send your nominations NOW or at the October 1 meeting for


        Vice President



        Road Captain

        8 Directors

        The elections process is as follows:

        ELECTIONS a. A summary of the election process will be published in the Club’s newsletter serving as notice to the membership prior to opening the annual officers election nomination window. During the September membership meeting, the President will appoint a three member Election committee from the general membership and declare the nomination window open. b. An individual must meet all applicable membership requirements, must have attended at least five club events during the 12 months prior to the September membership meeting, and must expect to be able to attend all Board and monthly meetings during the coming year to be eligible for nomination. Sign in sheets will be used to verify the required attendance. c. Nominations must be seconded by another member. d. Individuals may be nominated for more than one position, but can only accept one nomination. e. The Election Committee will confirm that each nominee is willing to serve. Nominations of unwilling nominees will be withdrawn. f. At the end of the October meeting, the President will make a final request for nominations and then declare the nomination window closed. Additional nominations are prohibited prior to and on the Election Day unless there are no nominees for a particular position; then nominations will be accepted only for that position. The President shall appoint any additional directors as needed to address the growing membership per Section IV, Part 2. g. In the case where nominees for all positions are running un-opposed, the election may be declared Moot by a membership meeting vote at the November meeting. If so voted, further efforts and expense to conduct an election shall be suspended. The new Board of Directors shall be announced at the January membership meeting. h. The Election Committee will compile an Annual Election Ballot and a document containing optional nominee position statements. If a nominee chooses to provide a position statement, it must be received by the election committee no later than thirty days following the October membership meeting. The Election Committee will distribute electronically or by mail, one ballot per member and the optional nominee position statements at least thirty days prior to the January membership meeting. The ballot will provide: a list of nominees, a space for write-in votes, an address where the mail in completed ballot must be returned or instructions for returning the electronic ballots, and a deadline date (December 31st) after which ballots received will not be counted. i. The results of the election shall be announced at the January membership meeting and following on the Clubs website and by email to all members.

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