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      Eric Small


        Who would be interested in a “BDR User Group”? I believe there are some in the BMWMOC that want to experience and plan some BDRs for the first time, and might want to learn from our Experienced BDR Riders. But, not just the stories, but the safety, the pack list, navigation and even the logistics of getting your vehicles and trailers at start and finish points. There’s much involved, and the experienced riders have the knowledge to share.

        And, I believe the Experienced BDR riders would love to share their stories, experiences and challenges on the many sections of the BDR’s.


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        Dave Pulice

          This is something I am very interested in.
          I have never done one and was thinking about the NEBDR this summer.

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          Roger A Pivonka


            Sorry for the Blunt Instrument but what does “BDR” stand for?


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            Dave Pulice
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                  Eric – I believe you just started the BDR users group by initiating this forum!

                  Tim Pettet – BDR stands for “Backcountry Discovery Routes”.  One guy who is really, really big into it is Chad Warner. He is a BMW MOA Ambassador, and you can see his posts on the BMW MOA Facebook page.  He is from Columbus, Ohio area, but is very rarely home!




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                Keven Tag

                  https://www.appalachianadv.com/ is a local company that run adventure tours and events…some are positioned around BDR preparation. A couple are free (you pay your way) but, even the pay events seem reasonable considering the time and resources. Anyone attended any of these?

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                    Shawn Murray

                      Attending their event this weekend near Marienville, PA.  My first time, but looking forward to it. I don’t believe it involves any MABDR/NEBDR sections which are much farther east.  Just the Allegheny National Forest trails, etc.

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                      This is something I would be interested in also.  I have done the MABDR and plan to do the NEBDR later this summer.  I would like to engage with other like-minded adventure riders.

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                      Duncan Cooper

                        Several of us rode the MABDR 3 years ago. We started in Abingdon Va and ended in Wellsboro Pa. It took about 5 days, and accommodations throughout were not hard to come by. Most (but not all) of the legs could be done on a Goldwing; fire roads and dual-track stuff. There are a couple challenging areas in the route which will hold your attention (Poe Paddy Road in central PA). Most of us had 60/40 tires and they were fine.  Overall it’s a GREAT way to get into backcountry riding.

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