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    Hi all,

    What are your thoughts on Interstate batteries?  68.68 vs $180 for BMW battery…..

    thanks, Lauren


    You can get basically the BMW batteries  or good aftermarket on the internet for a nice discount.  However I would always go talk with your dealer and see if they will discount to keep the business in-house.  That being said I am not familiar with Interstate Batteries for motorcycles.   Look at the specs of all batteries you are researching, there is usually a difference. Also invest in a good battery tender.

    Bradley Burland

    Here’s an alternative, locally sourced, and at a great price: Bulldog Battery, in Willoughby has a great substitute for the BMW battery (especially the LT). It’s a power chair battery, deep cycle, same physical size and more cranking amps than the stock unit. Good warranty, and since they’re local, superb customer service, to boot. I have had the battery in my LT for a couple of years now, and am very pleased with its performance. My recollection is that it’s about $75 or so. Give them a call. What do you have to lose?



    Beemerboneyard {https://www.beemerboneyard.com/}   also has batteries as well as new and “used” parts for most models.  If you use BMWMOA in the checkout box, they offer a 10% discount.



    I have been buying all of my batteries for my GS and LT as well as all of my vehicles, tractor, mowers etc. from Interstate Battery System, 4973 Ridge Road, Wadsworth, PA. They are located on Rt 94 just north of Rt 18 between Medina and Fairlawn. The quality of the batteries are excellent and their pricing is very aggressive. I highly recommend them and they are local and their service is also excellent.


    Thank you all for your input.  I think I’ll give the Interstate battery a try, since I have a friend willing to change it for me.  Can’t believe my 2016 R1200R battery died

    thanks again, Lauren


    Lauren … I always use Odyssey batteries. They are not cheap, but in batteries, I believe you get what you pay for. The PC680 Odyssey for my RT is $129 on Amazon.   https://www.odysseybattery.com/ .  Mine is on it’s 6th season this year.

    The secret to battery longevity is to have it on a battery maintenance charger whenever you’re not riding the bike. This is the one I would recommend ….

    http://products.batterytender.com/Dion/Battery-Tender-Junior-12V-0-75A.html . Amazon has it for around $25.

    No mater which battery you get, keep it on the Battery Tender.





    I didn’t even know that interstate made motorcycle batteries.  I know where i work that our mechanic said

    that interstate car batteries use to be the best and now they have multiple issues. Like ARP I always use

    oddysey due to they last a lot longer and in the long run are a better value.  I looked at several Best motorcycle

    battery sites and most of them all had these in different order as the top 10.  Heres the link:


    10 Best Motorcycle Battery in 2019 Reviews

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 15 total)
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