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        The Basics of Basecamp | Double U Hunting Supply

        I’ve scheduled a Basecamp/GPS User Group meeting for Saturday, March 11 at 10:00 AM in Conference Room A of the Parma-Snow Branch of the Cuyahoga County Library, 2121 Snow Rd, Parma.

        This meeting will be geared toward riders who are relatively new to GPSs and will focus on two topics: (1) how to import routes (gpx files) into your GPS so you can follow along on club rides, and (2) how to use Basecamp to create your own routes.

        Please bring your laptop and GPS. We will work through several ways of importing routes into your GPS, and then create a simple route on Basecamp and import it into your device. I’ll go through the steps on the big screen and you will follow along on your own computer to make sure you are doing it correctly. I’ll have step-by-step handouts and a list of some useful online resources that you can take along. Don’t expect to be a pro after one workshop, however. Basecamp is a powerful program with many capabilities and it takes a fair amount of experience to master it. This workshop will show you what is involved in creating routes and getting them into your devices, so it should be a good introduction.

        Why GPSes rather than apps on your phone? Several reasons. Garmin devices are the de facto standard for BMW motorcycles, and Basecamp is Garmin’s route planning software. Phone apps are easier for many people to use, but their capabilities for creating routes vary widely and sharing routes can be problematic. Phone apps also require online access to maps which has to be managed. In BMW world and Adventure world Basecamp routes are the standard.

        Toward the end of the meeting we will have time for any and all questions about routes and Garmin GPSes. We can touch on tracks and discuss their pros and cons versus routes.

        Feel free to bring coffee and munchies along.

        Let me know if you have any questions about the user group, or if you have specific topics you would like to have addressed.

        See you on the 11th at 10 AM!

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          For those planning to attend Saturday’s BaseCamp and GPS User Group meeting, please bring your laptop with BaseCamp installed. You can download BaseCamp here: Download BaseCamp | Garmin

          We will be learning how to load routes onto your GPS, and how to create simple routes on BaseCamp that you can load onto your GPS. If you are completely new to BaseCamp this will give you a good introduction, but you plan to spend more time with BaseCamp to become proficient — it will get easier and more intuitive with practice.

          If you are just curious about GPSes and route planning but aren’t ready yet to take the plunge, this meeting would be a good way to find out what is involved, and what some of the plusses and minuses are.

          Hope to see you at 10 AM this Saturday, March 11, at the Parma-Snow Branch Library, Conf. Room A.

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