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      Roger A Pivonka
        I Just got a call from Mark (Theodore) Walker.
        He just retired two years ago, is a former racer and is looking to see the Great Wild West on his street bike.
        AND He wants to know the best of the Blue Routes out there and things to do and see.
        I told him our members are our greatest resource so I’m hoping you can give him some tips.
        So please contact him by email or phone
        his email is twalker300@icloud.com
        and his phone is  440 725 0156
        Thanks for any help you can give him.
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          I have always found the trip out west to be very boring until the Rockies.

          I-90 has Chicago

          I 94 has Chicago + Minneapolis

          I 80 has nothing

          I 70 has trucks, trucks, trucks

          I like to go across Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and take Route 2 across the top of the country.   Stopping off at Teddy Roosevelt NP and a brief jog thru the Canadian Rockies (Jasper and Banff).  Passport rqd.

          Be sure to pick up a senior National Park pass.

          I plan on heading out this way in mid august.  Hope to be out of the country during Labor day weekend.

          Larry Cardo


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