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    Do you have an older SENA helmet BT Headset? AND do you WANT tohave MESH technology for riding with your group – up to 1/2 mile range?

    Well SENA has an ADAPter so you dont need to stow your older system…just add this ADAPTER.

    It sounds wonderful to me. I read it over a couple times and it seems to be promoted for SENA Bluetooth systems that dont have MESH ( THE Latest tech ).

    And I’m wondering if it could bring MESH tech to any BT headset??? Maybe?

    At least for SENA owners I would suggest you check it out. Seems like a Great step forward. Mesh tech allows you to move into and out of group think sooo very easily {no button fiddling most times}. just ride in or out of range of a group. Bada BING, You CAN hear me NOW.

    [and maybe other BT owners can use it too]

    See info here.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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