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    Since folks had questions about this BMW MOA project, I just spent almost an hour on the phone with “Lisa” from PCI regarding the book. I asked every question I could think of, and the following is a summary of the call.

    BMW MOA hired Publishing Concepts Inc. (PCI) of Dallas, Texas, which has been 100 years in business. First time doing an MOA project. Ted Moyer, MOA Executive Director is the POC. PCI has 100 folks manning the phones due to the 26,000+ MOA membership. It costs you NOTHING to take part. Only payment is if you wish to purchase a package, or the book & digital version by themselves.

    There are 3 separate packages to purchase, either as an individual or as a club. I will forward the email which delineates the packages separately. (I purchased the book and digital version for myself for a total of $202.31 including S&H), which I will be happy to share with the club.

    When you call 1-866-561-0612, it automatically links you to a phone bank tech who is specific to this project.Everyone received an individual ID# on the letters, cards, and emails the MOA sent out. You may or may not be asked for the number (I was not).

    Cut-off for submissions to the ONE-TIME Printing is end of June 2022. Book will be published in February 2023. LOTS of folks have already participated, so get your submissions in earlier than later.

    They will ask you during the RECORDED phone call:

    1. Your contact info per the BMW MOA (info in NOT re-sold) – name, email, date joined MOA
    2. What BMWs you have/have had, limited to THREE
    3. What got you into riding, what kind of riding you do, best riding memory and events
    4. Your verbal permission for the audio of the call, and for your photo use
    5. Asked for payment (credit card only) for pre-sale of book (hardback and digital), or one of the packages. There are NO discounts for military, law enforcement, AAA etc.


    You will receive an email in a few weeks and you can update your info, edit your story, and add photos you want included in the book. You do not HAVE to continue, if you desire not to participate.

    Customer service number at PCI is (800) 982-1590

    I will also bring this up at the March 3 meeting.

    Hope this helps!



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    Email: Membership@bmwmoc.org
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