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Duncan Cooper

    My fellow “Children of the Magenta Line” (aka GPS users)

    I have posted 9 GPS tracks/routes from the Canaan Valley Resort. They are in the GPS page of the ‘About+extra’ section.

    or here… http://bmwmoc.org/gps-route-files-download/

    They’re titled;

    1. River Runs Thru It ; 2. Five Rivers Tour ; 3. Gladys Fork Dry Fork ; 4. Hacker Valley Challenge ; 5. Whistlepunk ; 6. Chris’s Favorite ; 7. Long and Easy ; 8. Crazy4 8’s ; 9. Road to Tom’s.

    The number at the end of the route name is the mileage therein.

    The Five River’s Tour has an Ed Desimone-worthy  leg which is definitely NOT big bike  friendly unless you have off-road experience (Ed does!)  There is a work-around route for big bikes, so it’s not a deal breaker. (editorial note; Sikora and I went-for-that-fake..and paid the price..)

    Email: Membership@bmwmoc.org
    Cleveland, Ohio