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    I found this rider’s report on the roads we’ll be taking to Marietta posted on NineTOwners.com by Tim C and thought you might be interested. Tim is from Ravenna – maybe some of you know him?

    “I took 2-lane highways south ……  to hit my favorite road in the region, Ohio Route 536. OH 536 is only about 12 miles in length, but it is amazing. You really have to watch out for gravel and dirt, and there are a few places where the road changes direction slightly at the top of a short hill, so it’s a very challenging road but very rewarding. There is also one very tight decreasing radius curve. Treacherous really, but I know exactly where it is so I’m prepared for it. I usually go up and back on 536, which I did yesterday, too. In my opinion it’s a little easier road going west-to-east than east-to-west, or maybe for the return trip back to Route 7 I’m just better warmed up and feeling more comfortable going quick.

    “Once back to OH 7 I headed south to take OH 255 back to 800, then 800N back to Woodsfield for a break. 255 is another great road, but the road surface can be more challenging than most other twisty roads in that region. It’s a bit longer, too, at 17 miles, so it requires a lot of concentration for a longer period of time.

    “I …….. headed south out of Woodsfield on Route 800, and took OH 26 all the way to Marietta. 26 is another terrific road, less technical than some others but very entertaining. And it’s pretty long, about 43 miles from 800 to Marietta. Even at a spirited pace it’s about an hour’s ride. There are a few covered bridges along Route 26, so it’s kind of popular with tourists, too.

    If there is interest we can add a little side trip taking Long Ridge Road and Short Ridge Road to Kiedaisch Point Park for some spectacular views of the great Ohio River below.

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