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<span style=”font-size: 120%;”>There will be gathering of Family & Friends  on July 31, 11-2PM in Bainbridge at the house, </span>7177 Bainbridge Rd, Chagrin Falls, OH 44023.

Comments from Judith Gau:

“Well this is a sad surprise. We always had fun with him at the camp outs.”

Comments from Craig Webb:

This is certainly sad news.  Russell Davis always threw the most fantastic motorcycle parties at his property.  His man cave / garage was the stuff of dreams (guy dreams at least).  He was the first person I met who was into Moto Guzzi and was happy to show off his Italian bike and talk up it’s features.  Russell had a great sense of humor, camaraderie and toward someone like me, who was definitely NOT a mechanic, athlete or veteran, he showed no hint of disapproval (which was not always my experience in the motorcycle community otherwise). Most especially I remember a private fireworks display he arranged at a party on his property that must have occurred around this time of year.  It was exuberant, spectacular and way, way over the top – which will always symbolize his unforgettable personality for me.

Since Early Years
Craig A. Webb