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    REVISED ROUTE — The Wednesday group pre-rode the route yesterday and it’s good we did. There were several road closures and a little improvisation yielded an even better route, one that will take you through the Vermillion River Reservation where you will have a nice rest stop. I think you’ll enjoy your ride through the rich farmland south of Oberlin. The country side is lush green, the corn is tall and dark, and the occasional orchards and vineyards are bearing fruit. As always, the fresh walleye and perch at the Sandusky Fish Company were succulent. And, I have to say, Pete Stokes knows his roads – you’ll be riding some great small ones with curves and hills. Who knew there were hills and curves in NW Ohio!

    This revised the gpx file, Bob Evans Brunswick to New Sandusky Fish Co R1,  incorporates the changes to the route.

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