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    Well, it’s certain to be warm tomorrow – forecast is for 95 degrees, although it will be a bit cooler near the lake. Our rest stop at 1 hr and 15 min into the ride is air conditioned and has a huge assortment of cold drinks and snacks, and places to sit down. Plus it’s interesting to browse the store (it goes on forever) and taste their varieties of fresh home made peanut butter. And we’ll have an air conditioned place for lunch.

    Be sure to bring water along for the trip up to Geneva and your ride back home. You need to drink something at least hourly, every half hour is better in the heat. Visit this link for some very interesting strategies for riding in the heat. An excerpt:<span style=”font-size: 90%;”> “To continue the ride, I go into hot weather survival mode. Full riding gear, including riding pants, leather boots, and gloves, and a knit neck “cooler” saturated with water. As quickly as the fabric dries out in the blast-furnace wind, I flip the faceshield open, squeeze a gusher of water down my chin, and slam the faceshield shut again. The water dribbles down to wet the neck cooler and my shirt inside the jacket. About 10 seconds after the water penetrates the neck cooler, it cools from evaporation in the hot air, and sucks some heat out of my neck.  “</span>

    We’ll leave Bob’s in Macedonia promptly at 10 AM tomorrow. Hope to see you then….


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