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    Hal n Mary et al,

    You wont regret going to an MOA National Rally. They usually get about 5 or 6,000 in attendance so it gives you a great chance to make friends from all over the USA. And Camping really gives you the BEST immersion Rally experience (as long as it’s not SUBmersion).

    And as Don mentioned, there are great riding roads in any direction you can go from Lebanon. ANYbody will have an opinion on thebest roads in the area and they’ll ALL be Right. If somebody says “Hey, we’re goin for a ride, wanta follow?” Get on your bike and follow.

    And,as Paul said, Visit those Moto Tour booths like IMT and Adriatic. Put your name in their drawing bin – YOU could be thewinners. {I was once}

    [and tell em I sent you Too]


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