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    <div dir=”ltr”>Hal & Mary,</div>
    <div>That’s great news! I’ve been to a number of rallies both camping and finding a local motel (need to book early) but it’s great to see all of the vendors and check out the accessories as well as how others pack! All of the major tour companies (global) always have inside booths so you can check their offerings as well. If you stop by the IMT Bike booth (based in Madrid) say hi to Scott & Isabel. We have also toured with Adriatic Moto Tours and Matej (<i>Metey</i>) would remember us as well since we were in the Alps, Greece & Central/Eastern Europe with his company as well.</div>
    <div>Unfortunately Linda & I won’t be going this year due to a calendar conflict but are planning on one or or more of the MOA Weekend Getaways later in the summer.</div>
    <div>Typically there is a resource at the rally tent(s) on local riding recommendations and I’m sure yoiu will receive responses from other BMWMOC members who are familiar with the area.</div>
    <div>Ride Safe!</div>
    <div>Paul & Linda</div>

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