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    Hey Mike,

    Thanks for the great ride from the Koontz Family Picnic and TuneUp on Saturday. AND the two water crossings were a fun surprise.

    Ed Desimone has posted a LOT of pictures on the BMWMOC Facebook page so I hope everbody has seen them. Folks came from FAR and wide.

    Peter came down from Port Clinton, and Jerry and Mary came in from Madison and even the locals showed up [Bob Shelton and Marc Walker].

    Robin of Johnny’s Vintage came over with a DOOR prize for lucky Marc Walker. Paul told me we had about 35 who came out on a day that started so, so wet. AND we had at least three of our Newest members come out to meet some of the stalwarts, I hope everbody met Jeff Krejci. Dave Haas and Gary Spolar.

    And Diane even cooked up a batch of her great macaroni salad – Thank for that and EVERthing else too.

    What’s NEXT?

    Email: Membership@bmwmoc.org
    Cleveland, Ohio