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    I’m a motorcycle tech and many manufacturers trust Yuasa (considered Cadillac) .


    There are 2 primary lead acid types

    1. Regular Lead acid –can be “sealed” or “unsealed”. Water maintenance (with distilled water) is critical for unsealed (ones with caps)
    2. AMG – Amalgamated Glass matt types – have slightly higher voltage (~0.5 V higher) which helps cranking and these are always sealed. Best type but if you shop AMG types, you can save 30%…by getting lesser brands

    Not that much difference between quality manufacturers…but avoid cheap Chinese types with low quality materials).   Low voltage causes plate sulfation which covers plates and kills cranking amps.

    Battery maintenance is FAR more important; keeping them charged if left for more than 6-8 weeks (with a tender and, ideally, taking them inside for the winter (with tender)…

    For that reason, I strongly recommend “buying batteries dry and adding the acid yourself”.  That way they don’t suffer any abuse sitting on the shelf with a partial charge (promotes sulfation (which covers plates and kills cranking amps).   Hope this helps.

    Later,  Glenn

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