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    Hi all – just an election update.  Although the nominations are currently closed, we are still in need of a Road Captain.  If anyone is interested, please contact me, Michael Nahas, or Dennis Owens before December 31, 2018.

    And since ALL the candidates who were nominated are running un-opposed, there is no need for an official ballot per the Bylaws Paragraph 5g – which states “In the case where nominees for all positions are running unopposed, the election may be declared Moot by a membership meeting vote at the November meeting. If so voted, further effort and expense to conduct an election shall be suspended  The new Board of Directors shall be announced at the January membership meeting.”  This will also be posted in the meeting minutes.

    Thanks to all who stepped-up to the plate!

    ALSO – the BMWMOA summer mileage contest ended TODAY October 31st.  I will be available at the November 1st meeting at the Oak Barrel to sign your form/s for submission.  If you wish me to include your form/s in my mailing envelope I shall do so. Don’t forget to include your MOA number on the form!

    Sandi Vroom-Vroom Valois

    Email: Membership@bmwmoc.org
    Cleveland, Ohio