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    Hi all – I was in sunny California for the Oct 4th meeting, but have been informed of the following results by the remaining election committee members:

    Nominations for Club officers and Directors are as follows:

    For President: Dennis Owens

    For Vice-President: Paul Koontz

    For Secretary: Sandi Valois

    For Treasurer: Roger Pivonka

    For Road Captains: NO nominations (TWO positions)

    For Directors:

    Diane Koontz

    Jim Kieding

    Barry Spencer

    Michael Nahas

    Paul Mitchell

    David Bell

    Mike Kanczak

    Kurt Shreffler

    Leo Buckon

    All above nominations were vetted by the Election Committee for eligibility and have been deemed qualified. Nominations were then closed.

    NOTE:  Per the BMW MOC Bylaws, Section 5f “Additional nomination are prohibited prior to and on the Election day unless there are no nominees for a particular position; then nominations will be accepted only for that position.”  The two ROAD CAPTAIN positions are open with no nominees currently, so nominations will be accepted for only those two positions until the November general membership meeting. Please contact any of the three election committee members with your nominations, and we will contact the nominated parties to see if they are amenable to the position, and are qualified.

    Additionally – if any of the above nominees wish to provide a “nominee position statement” as per the Bylaws section 5h, it must be received by the election committee no later than OCTOBER 31st.   Ballots will be distributed to the membership in December, electronically or (if requested, by “snail mail”), and will include instructions for returning the ballots (electronically or by “snail mail”). Just a reminder that any returned ballots after the deadline date of December 31st will not be counted.

    Future Events and Meeting dates: For a more detailed listing visit the clubs on-line calendar.

    Membership meeting– November 1, 2018, 7:00 pm, The Oak Barrel, 5975 Canal Rd, Valley View.

    Thank you for your consideration and attention to this matter. On behalf of the election committee: Sandi Valois, Michael Nahas, Dennis Owens.

    Email: Membership@bmwmoc.org
    Cleveland, Ohio