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    I went for the Sargent World Seat to fit the old F800ST and the 2003 R1150RS as I did not want to take a chance on sending in the original factory seat pan to be used in building a custom seat. Thought that I would end up with a major problem if the new seat wasn’t comfortable. The Sargent seat featured a narrow fron section that widened to a rounded full seat that was quite comfortable. The narrow front was great for traffic lights and times when I needed to put both feet on the ground like when backing up. The mid-section was good for working the bike through curves and sitting fully back supported both the bottom and sides for longer times in the saddle. An unexpected bonus was the additional storage tube under the seat. Sargent offers a number of different surface textures and materials, colors and distinctive piping so you can customize your seat to be more comfortable and look good at the same time.





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