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    Hey Roger –


    I’ve had a Corbin on my R80RT for years.  I had one on my R65LS as well.  Stock saddles were too uncomfortable for long rides, back in the day when I did really long rides at the drop of a hat.  I really like the Corbin product, but there is one word of caution.  If you get the material that is pebbled (breathable), it will absorb water if you ride in the rain or leave the bike out in the rain.  You can buy a rain cover.  Kind of unpleasant to ride with your crotch getting wet from the water seeping from the seat into your pants.  Not a problem if you don’t get the breathable material.  Usually you have to send in your old seat so they can build the new seat on the frame, and they’ll return the new as well as the old seat back to you.  All in all, it is a good seat.  I know Russell makes a really good seat as well.


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