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    <span class=”x193iq5w xeuugli x13faqbe x1vvkbs x10flsy6 x1lliihq x1s928wv xhkezso x1gmr53x x1cpjm7i x1fgarty x1943h6x x4zkp8e x41vudc x6prxxf xvq8zen xo1l8bm xzsf02u x1yc453h” dir=”auto”>Ok Neanderthals not on Facebook, I will be leading a group to the Canaan Valley resort on Thursday the 18th. Meet up is at Sheetz in New Philadelphia at 0900, leaving at 0930. Total ride time from there is about 6 hours. We will basically follow rt 250 and 50. Please pack a lunch and snacks since there won’t be time for restaurants. I will stop along the way for rest breaks every hour or so. Any questions, email or call me.</span>

    Email: Membership@bmwmoc.org
    Cleveland, Ohio