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    The WINTERFEST 2023 to celebrate a safe and fun 2022 riding season is IN THE BAG!   Thanks to all who showed up (48 of you), and a special thanks to all those who assisted in organizing the Party:  Roger Pivonka, Paul Mitchell, Mark Rense, Don Poremski, Duncan Cooper, Don Walker, Dottie Buckon, and especially Eric Aguiar from Helmet House who donated the Grand Prize package! Also everyone who assisted in our scramble to find a location!  Keep looking – we will be at a different location for 2024 most likely.  Burntwood Tavern/Solon had limited staff, but they did a great job – especially our two waitresses, Allie and Tanya. And the food was amazing. Hope to see you at WINTERFEST 2024!

    MOCAL WINNERS for 2022:

    1. Peter Menczer, 1325 points (Broke the old record;<span class=”Apple-converted-space”>  </span>small trophy for Peter to keep was obtained). Peter was not present; trophies will be presented at a later date.

    2. Richard Frantz, 329 points

    3. Wally Gingerich, 270 points

    4. Mike Sikora, 221 points

    5. Duncan Cooper, 199 points

    6. Paul Mitchell, 181 points

    7. Bill Penney, 172 points

    8. Mark Rense, 171 points

    9. Sandi Valois, 152 points

    10.Roger Pivonka, 129 points

    The GRAND PRIZE of a Tourmaster All-season jacket, and complete base-layer set (balaclava, glove liners, top, and bottoms) was won by Cathy Skowronsky.  Mystery Prize Box was won by Jim Sedivy (contents – US decal, black backpack, book -“There is no TP on the Road Less Traveled”, 3-pack of motorcycle inked cards by Amy Jean Nichols, black Shoeii bandana, Look Out For Motorcycles car magnet, City Bonfires mini bonfire). My President’s Awards were given to the following individuals who went above and beyond in 2023: Roger Pivonka – book, “Andiamo Full Circle: A Round-the-World Motorcycle Adventure” by my friend and pilot, Bob Dolven; Duncan Cooper – BMWMOC notebook and pen set; Paul Mitchell – BMW MOC notebook and pen set, Ed Desimone – BMWMOC shop towel.

    For all upcoming events and rides, please READ the minutes we send out.  And please consider volunteering to help out your volunteer Officer and Director board members!

    Cheers and here’s hoping for another accident-free club riding season for 2023!


    Email: Membership@bmwmoc.org
    Cleveland, Ohio