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    ELECTION DAY 2022!  Exercise your constitutional right to VOTE!

    Although official club riding season is over, there may still be some Wednesday rides from Bob Evans in Macedonia, weather and attitudes permitting.  I am very proud to say that the 2022 was one of the SAFEST club seasons in a long time – we had ZERO accidents on organized club rides, although some members had some solo incidents.  Keep up the good work riders and Road Captains!

    As mentioned in the meeting minutes for November, we are having to scramble to relocate our January Winter Party.  We will be limited to 50 folks in attendance; as soon as the Board finalizes some items at the November Board meeting, members will be notified.

    Again – just a reminder that ANYONE can organize ANY sort of event for the club.  The cold weather will be upon us before we know it, so if you want to create an event, you may do so in the FORUM, or at a meeting.  Your Board appreciates the help!

    ELECTIONS – please vote for officers when you receive the emailed ballot.  A lot of work goes into the BMWMOC elections every year, but so far no one has died…

    Here’s wishing all our VETERANS a Happy Veteran’s Day on Friday November 11, and also wishing you all a very Happy Thanksgiving!

    Email: Membership@bmwmoc.org
    Cleveland, Ohio