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    )Copied from Membership Coordinator email)Hey All, The NOMINATION WINDOW IS OPEN for next year’s Club Officers.  We hope you have been thinking about Who among us will be goodCandidates to move your Club Forward in 2023.. Click HERE to make your Nominations.  (No Limits)Thanks from Your Board of Directors  PLEASE VOTE OR VOLUNTEER FOR A POSITION OR AN EVENT, ANYTHING TO HELP THE CLUB.  LAST I HEARD NO-ONE HAD DIED FROM ANY OF THOSE 🙂

    Anyone heading down to the BMW RA rally in Waynesville, NC weekend of Sept 29-Oct 2 I will be caging it down there and will have one of our club banners for a photo op.  I will try to round some members up (kinda like herding cats) while down there.

    As always, enjoy this gorgeous riding weather, and everyone be safe at home or in your travels!


    Email: Membership@bmwmoc.org
    Cleveland, Ohio