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216.577.4246 or 216.941.1446
$ 5,000
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I had it serviced at Sill's. The ABS went out and I had that replaced. Still needs the "fuel pump" recall done AND it does run just fine. Battery is a few years old and I will include a battery maintainer. Comes with the stock seat AND a Corbin Custom seat too.
I also replaced the pegs with a custom pair from Pirate's Lair that lowered the pegs about an inch to make it more comfortable for me to ride. The return spring on one of the pegs is broken.
I have never dropped the bike BUT, I think the previous owner did because there is a slight crack in the left side fairing. Nothing major but a close inspection will discover it.
It was my dream bike. I really hate to let it go but back problems make it impossible for me to ride.
Oh, I'll include a BMW bike cover also.
Come and get it and Enjoy it for 100,000 miles.

Cleveland, Ohio