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This Misc gear is from Mike Stroup who is retiring from riding and hopes Somebody else about his size can USE this gear.
All the clothing is size 'M' for medium. Mike is of slender build and about 160 # and 5'8" tall.
I'll add things here as I get thru what Mike gave me. It's all NO CHARGE (although donations to the CLUB are accepted if you feel inclined)
There will be a few riding jackets (two are leather)
First off are several RAIN SUITS. There are more than these two.
1. The One piece Yellow is a BMW suit in excellent condition Size 'M'
2. The Yellow and Black is FROG TOGSZ, also 'M' and in Great condition
3. AND a Full Coverage BACK PROTECTOR, KnoX KC 2000 X1
(Also, another KNOX back protector WITH zip on/off arms protection.)
4. TEKNIC brand USA Size 42 jacket, GORETEX, with removable thermal liner. EXclnt Cond. Perfect for Early Spring, Late fall riding.
5. A BIIIG Honkin Chain and padlock. Weighs ~ 8#, could secure your Mobile Home or Side Car rig.
Check back often!
YOU need to PICKUP at Rogers house. (you shouldn't be lazy when its FREE stuff)

Cleveland, Ohio